Saturday, March 4, 2017

Marching Forward

This was the last block I did in the February colors.   It's a huge block, large enough to make into a baby quilt if I add a border or two, and I am thinking I just might, with a minky backing.   But not today.   I may be Marching Forth (March 4th, get it?   I crack myself up), but I am still a slacker at heart.
The March color is red, so I am starting on that.   I have to laugh at myself.    Every single block I make has at least one mistake and it is, I'm afraid, evidence of my character that I see them and leave them.  All of which to say, yes I know that you see them, too, but there is no point in pointing them out.  There will be no perfection here, so don't dare expect it.    And it has nothing, nothing I tell you, to do with the glass of wine I sometimes sip as I sew.
We had snow again, on the first of March, and there has been snow on and off since then.  It is cold again.  Today when I stopped at Wendy's for coffee with friends, I came back out to my car to find that, in that short time, an icicle had formed between the body of my (very dirty) warm car and the cold pavement.
Thank goodness our Search and Rescue drill this month was indoors because I definitely had my sissy attitude going.   We worked on knots and safety harnesses, always a fun training and definitely a perishable skill.
I got my Canadian Park pass in the mail this week.   We hadn't planned a Canada trip before they offered the free pass, but now it is definitely on my wish list for the year!   That, and a trip to view the total solar eclipse in August.   I have a lot of hopeful short-travel plans this year, wishing like crazy that at least a few of them actually happen.  :)
On the food front, I made a bittersweet, intensely chocolate pudding this week for family and friends.   I didn't tell anyone the secret ingredient until after they tried it -- the pudding itself is vegan, which is nice for my lactose intolerant friends, but it is so rich that I 'cut' it with whipped cream and loved it.  Bon Appétit magazine, where the recipe originated, says it is nutritious enough to eat for breakfast since -- wait for it -- it is has 6 grams of protein AND is made with avocados.   Oh yeah, baby, breakfast of champions.      Life is good.   And so nice when it is good tasting, too.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The quilt blocks look great. Love the snoopy one, but then, you probably already knew I'd say that. :-)

Barbara said...

Your blocks look great. Those are design opportunities. You don't want your blocks looking like everybody else's! Where's the fun in that? It snowed here last night. Again. Really can't believe the winter we've had, except I've been here to witness it.