Sunday, January 20, 2019

Cold As Ice

We live in the Every-Quilt-You-Own region of the country.  It was 9 below (Fahrenheit) when we got up today.      But the sun is shining, finally.  At my Saginaw house I always park in the garage but here at Jack’s my car is stuck out on the driveway and is covered in a thick coating of ice today, which glistens in the light.    Pretty.   Awful, but pretty.  Since I am on jury duty this week and next, I am hoping the car doesn’t realize  how old its battery is until after that obligation is over.
It is good eating weather, though.   I made a lovely chili and cornbread last night, and I have chicken and potatoes simmering away in the crock pot in anticipation of our dominoes game tonight, assuming the roads will be cleared and salted in time for Evan to drive over.  There will be chocolate cookies for dessert since I discovered a roll of butter cookie dough in the freezer when I was searching for corn meal.    Even if all I do is hibernate, I know how important that fat layer is this time of year.   My doctor is too young to understand these things.

Our 6-week marriage is still intact.   And they said it wouldn't last!   😂😂😂    There is always a learning curve, of course, but Jack is a truly caring person and we both try hard to be considerate with one another.    So far it's been as easy as it should be.   Except for the challenges that we knew in advance would be there for us.   Jack's 38-year-old son lives here with us and we all still walk a bit on eggshells.   Me, mostly, since I am the interloper; his son moved back in several years ago.     We see him pretty rarely since he mostly keeps to himself.  And I have to admit, he and I both pretty much treat this place like Jack's House; I do relatively little to help and he does less.     It is, after all, filled with Jack's stuff and he has his own way of doing things.   I still take my own laundry home to my own house, and I do all the housekeeping chores there.   But I do  most of the cooking and of course I clean up after myself.   And I do not like leaving a clean kitchen at night and waking up to dirty dishes and pans on the counter, especially when the dishwasher is empty.  I am not a fan of kitchen mess, even if it caused by a co-equally responsible adult, but even less it is caused by a guest or a family member who has no other job or responsibilities, so I hope those issues will be resolved somewhere along the way.   I am staying as removed as possible during this transition period, although I will not cook in a dirty kitchen so, being the only driver,  I shuffle us out for breakfast more days than should be necessary.    For now the silent kitchen drama is taking place in a house that I do not own or claim any control over; but patterns have been set so the possibility of easy changes has been long gone from the 'barn.'   If it is possible to avoid it,  I don't want this to become an area of resentment on anyone's part so I have made suggestions but no real waves at this point.   But we continue to house-hunt and I can't imagine that I will be able to gracefully tolerate uncontrolled messes once we have a kitchen I claim as my own.   So we'll see.    Lots of adjustments to be made.

We had dinner the other night with a couple we have known for over 6 years, our first married couple dinner with another married couple.   This particular couple had always been friendly but they never made any social overtures until after we were married which reminded me, not for the first time, how hard it is for singles to have a satisfying social life.   Anyway, they invited us for dinner and we had a lovely time.    Since we only knew them through Search and Rescue almost everything we heard that night was new to us, and they have done so many interesting things, which made it even more fun.  The wife, Susan, has a lovely spinning wheel in one corner of a room and remarked that she had wanted "all her life" to learn to spin, and so she was finally doing it.   The yarn she has made so far is very professional looking, and spinning looks like fun.  Susan has offered to show me how to do it and I might just take her up on it, although I had not considered it before.     But her comment caused me to wish I had wanted to do something "my whole life" so that I could start learning to do it now.     But no complaints; I had, after all, wanted to be married, and here I am.  Life is good.


Barbara said...

Burrrrrrr. That is just too darned cold. The chili and cornbread sounds delicious on a cold day like that. I can’t cook in a dirty kitchen either, and I’m pretty good about cleaning as I go when that’s possible. Sometimes it isn’t.

Marie Louise said...

I hope you have still some quilts left after giving a few of them away last Christmas. Many, many years ago we lived in Endicott, NY for a while and I still see my children lying on the floor, licking the ice from the frontdoor inside the house. The door opened straight into the living room and it was terrible, terrible cold outside. What a waste of energy, but we loved the snow!
I hope that the two of you can find a nice house, that suits you both, soon.

gpc said...

Hello, Marie Louise! Thank you, I also hope we find something soon! I also hope our new home will be filled with quilts, but I hope we don't have ice to lick off the front door! In fact, I am trying to avoid houses where there is no foyer or breezeway between the front door and the living space because I have lived in places such as you describe. It is snowing here right now and I love watching it; of course it also means that it is a bit warmer when it is snowing, since it rarely snows when the temperatures are as frigid as they have been, and will be again this weekend.