Thursday, April 11, 2019

Always Winter and Never Christmas

The inhabitants of Narnia complained that it was always winter and never Christmas when the white witch was in charge, and that's pretty much what this winter  has felt like to me.   Because of sibling medical needs, we didn't celebrate Christmas or even live together last year, despite our December 8 marriage.   We've woken up a few times in the last week to snow, again.    But I have seen a few crocuses in bloom and the red-winged blackbirds and robins are back, so surely surely surely Spring must be planning to arrive soon.

On the other hand, my Christmas cactus is blooming for the third time since Christmas, so anything is possible.

On one of the nice days in between falling snow and painful cold, we took my brother for lunch and a long drive and, mid way, we visited an Elk Park in Gaylord.    I very much want to go exploring the area of the State where wild elk still roam, but this had to do for now since no one was up to more time in the car.   I would like to go elk-seeking in the autumn when they begin their mating behaviors and are supposedly very vocal.

I have finally started to use the ridiculously expensive embroidery machine my husband thought we absolutely had to have, and I am enjoying it.   I have the benefit of the machine without any of the angst . . . although its purchase was not a shared decision, it wasn't bought out of shared funds, either, so I have guilt free use of the machine.  Meanwhile, he has taken over the serger he also bought and has already made himself two t-shirts in addition to countless pairs of socks.  With all the family stuff going on, we are enjoying the distraction.

Today is my 12-year Blog-iversary.   So much has changed in my life, my family, and our world since I first started writing.   Thanks to you for sticking with me for however much time you've been visiting!


Barbara said...

Well, Happy Blogiversary! I didn’t realize you’d been around that long. I only started blogging in 2010, so you have a couple of years head start on me. I’m so sorry about the snow. It’s been a miserable winter in your part of the world for sure.

Marie Louise said...

congratulations with your bloganniversary.
I am not a reader from the very first beginning but enjoy your blog already for a very,very long time. I don't remember why I started reading it, maybe it had something to do with the intrigueing name, which is still a puzzle to me...
Anyhow, keep up the good work!

It is nice that you enjoy your embroiderymachine. While you are playing with it you can may be steer your husband to your unfinished quilt projects.If he likes to finish them, there are two good outcomes:the stash diminishes and you can buy new fabrics!

gpc said...

Thanks, Marie Louise! I love the idea of having my husband do the less-fun work of quilting! I'm not sure he'll go for it, though. He bought enough fabric to make 20 or 30 more tshirts, so I think he's on his own path. :) I'm going to start hinting, though, because it DOES sound like a good way to reduce my stash and start buying new!

I know I've told the story of 'shedding the wolf' somewhere -- I'll try to repeat it again one of these days soon!