Sunday, October 6, 2019

HappyFirst Fall

We are enjoying the first signs of Michigan Autumn.   Typically this spell won't last too long and we will have more warm weather before Autumn comes in earnest with its first frosts.  But right now it is chilly, in the 40s and 50s, and the leaves are turning.  Acorns and nuts are falling like crazy . . . yup, it's nuts.

And the chipmunks are very bold, scolding me loudly when I come near them, but not giving ground.   It is clear to them that this is THEIR property and they seem confident that they can hold every inch.   Perhaps because there are so many of them . . . my husband is threatening to change that balance.   I am conflicted about it because they ARE so cute.

It is the beginning of one of our most beautiful seasons, and we are enjoying the fireplace in our new house.

My surgeon's appointment is a month away; apparently that is what they call 'expedited.'   I do not know the man or anything about him and my family is challenging me to find someone who can take me sooner.   I am working on a note to my doctor to ask why he chose this surgeon and whether he has a good reason why I should not look elsewhere.   Meanwhile, I am getting closer and closer to getting my Saginaw house done, which is still my main focus and will be a great relief to have finished.  My son, beloved DIL and grandson moved a whole load to the new house for me yesterday, and the progress is more and more evident.    Doing a happy dance!  :)


Barbara said...

Oh man...I missed the first post about your shoulder, and so I had to back up and read it. I’m with you though...things do hurt more when you know it isn’t just all in your head. Ouch. I’ve had surgery on both shoulders, although for a different reason. I can’t get over how beautiful your fireplace is. It’s at least the second time you’ve shown it, and it really makes for such a cozy-looking room. Snuggle up and keep warm.

Marie Louise said...

It is oct 13 now and I guess that things have progressed a lot last week. May be your own house is empty now so you can focus on decorating your new house.
I love the carpet in front of the fireplace. It looks like your house is huge. Do you have a basement? I loved that space when we lived in the US. Dutch houses do not have those rooms.
I hope that your appointment will be sooner than later or that your shoulder miraculously has healed by itself by the time you have your appointment.
I love the sign next to the chipmunk.
How are your siblings doing?