Sunday, November 10, 2019

Busy Busy Busy

So much has gone on in the last couple of weeks -- at least it's been a lot for these two old fogies!  I have physical therapy twice a week and then do exercises at home several times a day, so that alone eats up a lot of time during the day.  Jack is still working on his 'old' house and I need to transport him back and forth, and I pick up my grandkids, 25 miles there and back, a couple times a week.  All good stuff, but time consuming.

I cannot say that I am seeing improvement with the physical therapy, but I am hoping that I am doing better than it seems.   The main aggravation is that it is still painful, and no one can tell me whether that will ever go away without surgery.   The pain is not severe, but it is constant and can be disheartening after all these months.   I have a lot of questions for the surgeon when I see him in a couple of weeks.

We have been busy, both with our constant 'moving  matters,' and with a few unexpected fun events.   It is rare for us to be out socializing, so this past weekend was a nice change of pace.   First, we attended a Halloween party -- the first I've been to . . . ever?   Jack dressed up as Jack Frost (which is to say, I painted snowflakes on his face), but carried a concealed (plastic) knife because he was a 'killing frost.'    I wore a t-shirt with the word "LIFE" on it and handed out lemons from a basket, and painted a sun and grass and a rainbow on my face.  These were my first efforts at face painting and not spectacular.   No one (except me) found my costume amusing, but Jack was mistaken for Jack the Ripper and given the award for Scariest Costume, a little 3-D skeleton printed by the host.  The other guests were more of a drinking crowd than we are, and kind of loud; we enjoy having a drink but our goal is not to forget how we got there.   Still, everyone was very nice and we had a good time.

The next night, kind of on a whim because we saw a poster, we went to a Diwali celebration.   We didn't know anyone, and people did not seem eager to mingle, so we didn't learn much about the symbolism of the dances and prayer service aside from what I found on wikipedia about this festival of light.   But the people were dressed in beautiful traditional clothing, and we enjoyed the food very much.  We hope to try again next year with a friend of Jack's who normally attends but could not be there this year.

And today we attended a Youth Orchestra concert to listen to, among others, my granddaughter (first chair in the Violin II section, 2nd girl in photo) and my grandson (3rd chair cello, smiling at me).   I loved every minute.  Besides my Grands, I have been watching several other kids in the orchestra develop since they were in first grade, so it is a delight to see them now.

It is unseasonably cold here lately, and I have only seen deer three times, which is not surprising since our usually-jumpable creek is high and not fully frozen yet.   We are getting snow even though the leaves haven't fully fallen yet.   I'm hoping for another warm snap, otherwise it's going to be a mess in the Spring!

This is my birthday month and Jack has been spoiling me with roses and sweets and fruit deliveries from Harry and David.   Being spoiled is not to be under rated.

My Saginaw house was listed and I had a full price offer on it before it was even open for public viewing.   The house passed inspection and now we are waiting for word of the bank appraisal.    If it goes through, we should close on November 29.   If not, we will start the process all over again.  I am ready to be done with it, so fingers crossed.  Besides, there is a LOT of work here on the home front.

The only other news is that I preformed a wedding this weekend, a very nice couple who have been together for 18 years.   The long-time couples, who have already weathered some storms,  are always surprised by how meaningful their ceremony becomes, so they are generally a delight to work with.  This wedding was no exception.  I must say, though, it is the only wedding I've done where I got a standing ovation for my dinner blessing.   What a fun crowd.  :)

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Barbara said...

Well I think your costume was adorable. I’ve always run scared from anything requiring a costume. No idea what I’d do, and I hope I’m never forced to find out. Sorry your shoulder is still bothering you. I went through a period of chronic pain for 5 years (long story), and so I’m sympathetic to long-term wear and tear of the annoyance. It can be exhausting. Hope it feels better soon. Surgery helped my shoulders, but it is a brutal recovery.