Monday, June 1, 2020

Phase IV and Counting

Just as I started to wrap my head around the idea of Phase I in lifting the Covid-19 Quarantine, our Governor announced that we are going to enter Phase IV this week.  Since the Midland area was smacked by flooding this week, estimated at well over $640 Million in damages,  and since people have been mingling and protesting all over the country ever since, I am not at all convinced that this is a good idea.  In addition to the flood repairs and evacuations that are bringing people together locally, our whole Nation has been shaken to its core, again, by being forced to look at race relations.   What we have seen this week is not new, but we are good at denial here, and act shocked and surprised every time we are made to look. I hope, as I have hoped before, that this time we will commit to making no more excuses.

I plan to watch the numbers and not change my life too quickly.  The virus is still there and active, and I am still old, so there is no point in rushing to be first to join a crowd.

Rain is expected again this week and we've been advised that the National Weather Service has no predictions yet for how rainfall will affect out area. Water in the creeks and rivers may rise more quickly and crest sooner, we are told.   Or maybe not.   We'll have to wait and see.

I tried to get off my lazy rear this week to do some  sewing and long overdue yard work.  I finished the pieces for three Star table toppers; I thought I would make the bits for a couple more and then assemble them all at once to give to some of Jack's siblings and kids.

I set those aside to go outside and weed a bit.    The bird seed that has fallen from the feeders sprouted in our most recent rains, which I had foolishly not anticipated.  But the rhododendron and other flowery residents are looking good, and I found a toad in one of our downspouts, so it was nice to walk around.

So the yard work went well enough, but as I was on my way back to the house via the yard waste container, I slipped and fell, twisting my foot. The swelling is going down finally, but it is still bruised and sore.   I've been back to doing Not Much ever since.  2020 continues to wreak havoc,  but I am still hoping we can find some kind of peaceful compromise before it is over!


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Barbara said...

Wow...sorry about your foot. It looks painful. The picture of the toad is precious. As for the civil unrest, I’m alternately amazed and appalled at what I read on social media. One woman claimed this wasn’t about race and that police brutality is everybody’s problem, and I thought, Oh, dream on, lady.