Thursday, August 19, 2021

Turtles and Flowers

With no schedule or internet resources today, as I stay away from my home, I explored a park in town.  Our town has a lot of flowers in public places, including a whole corner lot nearby with tiered rows that are tended every year by volunteers.  The property is called Dahlia Hill.  Each row holds different varieties of dahlias, all labeled with their name and sometimes with the name of someone in whose memory they are planted.  There are hundreds of them, different shapes and colors, and although they are not yet fully in bloom it is already beautiful.

I also took a walk, longer than my feet approved, along a river.  On the other side, along two ends of a fallen log (only one end pictured here), was a row of perhaps 20 turtles.  My grandchildren suggested (by text) that perhaps it was a Turtle Council, which might, I suppose, if the turtles are in charge, explain why useful changes take so long to happen.

So all in all, it was not the best of days.  Definitely not.  

But it was not the worst of days, either.

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Barbara said...

What a treat seeing those turtles! I absolutely love dahlias. There is a grower nearby that opens its fields every year at this time. They’re open now, but I probably won’t get over there. Too much here at home to keep me busy. I want to buy some of their dahlias, but we won’t be here next year to attend to them, and so I’ll wait.