Thursday, February 21, 2008

A stitch in time

My suitcase is packed and in the trunk of my car. I leave in a couple of hours for Cocoa Beach, still a little nervous but looking forward to seeing Judy after all these years. Among the things I packed are these little baby blankets. I am not much of a knitter, but ever since Tamara taught me how to purl by one of her blog comments, I have been knitting squares and rectangles. Last year I made wash cloths as Christmas gifts, the year before that it was scarves. This year I found out that Judy takes part in a knitting project at a local hospital, where they collect small blankets for the babies there. These 24 inch squares took me a lot longer than they should have, but I finished the third blanket last night and it's ready to go, along with my capris and sunscreen. I am already wondering what I've forgotten but, as my sister always reminds me, anything I need will be available there. But I have no idea where I put the cash I took out for the trip . . . I think I might want to explore that suitcase one more time before I check it!

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Snowbird said...

The blankets are beautiful. I knit and crochet and have made tons of afghans over the years. I knitted youth blankets for the twins (took me 3 years!) and am now on a project for their older brother. Probably take me another 3 years!!

Anyway, have a safe trip and enjoy yourself. Am looking forward to a trip report.