Monday, March 10, 2008

And what does this have to do with the environment?

A message from Mr. Cranky on my voicemail today, saying how delicous my soup was, and how much he appreciated my taking him out this weekend to buy ink and installing it in his printer. Butter couldn't melt in his mouth, as they used to say. And of course this involves the environment! If I can't fix my own environment, what hope is there for the planet?!

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Neptunesmuse said...

Mr/Dr Cranky is probably concerned that he may have alienated the only human on the planet who will deal with him.
So sorry that you spent part of your weekend with him. Sounds like he needs to spend some time w/o you to appreciate you a little more.
Sounds like you are trying to do some very positive things with your life, too bad you are having to put up with such negativity.