Monday, March 3, 2008

Life is good

I got to spend a little time with my family this weekend, and a couple of hours alone with my grandchildren, so it was a wonderful weekend for me! I love to watch the children play, they can make a game out of anything. Baby Blue is not a baby anymore, and he busied himself with my little step-stool to pretend that he was working on scaffolding. StinkerPinker was most definitely not in the pink this weekend, so she and I spend a lot of quiet time cuddling on the couch. We looked at a few of my seashells and later she told her mommy the names of the olive shell and the cockle. Good job, baby. I was a lot older than 20-months old when I learned to identify those shells! Her brother prefers to use the shells as pirate treasure or household tools, so I am eyeing her hopefully as a future shelling companion.

Another nice thing this weekend was a lovely present, from my son and Sweetie, of a buckwheat wrap to ease my still-achy breaky back. After the kids went home, I had to go out into the cold and damp to take a friend on an errand to Costco. But when I got home I took a few minutes to unwind. The buckwheat wrap (such a nice gift!) went into the microwave for two minutes and then over my shoulders, the down throw covered my legs, and I was able to sit, knit, and relax without turning up the heat. It felt sooooo good. Then I took the wrap to bed with me, to cover my lower back while I slept. A cold winter night never felt so good!

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