Monday, January 5, 2009


A new year, and my last day off before the regular work life begins again -- I know a lot of people make resolutions this time of year but honestly, do you really think I'm going to lose weight or exercise more? Let's not get crazy here.

People do promise, and achieve, amazing things -- I am in awe of some of the things that Elden, a/k/a "The Fat Cyclist." does with his days, from his cycling activities, his most-important family care, his remarkable fundraising efforts and, maybe most impressive to me, his ability to laugh and make me laugh during the tough times in his life.

And it is hard to even imagine the courage and sheer grit that it took for Jillian Rogers, a young, former reporter to not only quit her job and become a dog musher with Spitfire Kennel, but to finish the grueling (read: "impossible") Gin Gin 200 dogsled race. Two hundred miles, more than 24 hours in gale-force winds and minus-45 degree temperatures. (can I still brag about keeping my thermostat set at 65?)

So let's get real. I am not a rough and ready take-it-to-the-edge type of person. I am not even the break-a-sweat or go-hungry-between-meals kind of gal. Instead of making promises of supernatural events (like dieting), what big challenges to I envision for me in 2009?

(of course, not to minimize my abilities, I started the year on an amazing babysitting marathon with my adorable little grands. My sister emailed me on the 3rd day to ask if there had been any tears yet, and I was happy to report that I was not yet crying. See, I too am capable of remarkable feats of strength, including watching kids run, playing hide and seek (preschool style), laughing like crazy, and building with blocks and lincoln logs . . . I had so much fun.)

And then there's this blog. When I started over a year ago, I intended to use this forum to challenge myself more on environmental issues. But - typical of my low impact definition of "challenge" -- somewhere along the way I took a fork in the road and have become more involved in slow food, locally produced groceries, and a growing appreciation of the basics.
My bread baking has been a lot of fun. It is the perfect winter hobby. Not too expensive, an excuse to use the oven, and very satisfying results. I want to find more time to learn cheesemaking, too.

All in all, I am pretty content with my change in direction, just a little concerned that I am getting more boring by the minute. I am happy to relax, but I don't want my mind to turn into mush, either. I'll have to give it some thought -- but there's plenty of time. The year is young.