Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring break

Although it is still quite cool at night, it's definitely time to get my gardening area ready.   I put together 2 of my 3 "easy to assemble" raised gardening containers today.   I was exhausted by tthat pretty simple task so I decided to spend more time thinking, before I put the last one together, about exactly how to place them -- I am getting much better at making shabby excuses for my slacker tendencies!    Each one of these areas will take 130 quarts of soil to fill, plus the potato area and a large pot for peas and herbs -- and since I can't carry the big bags, and since there is no clear path from my driveway to the garden where I could use a wheelbarrow, it might be the end of summer before I finally purchase, carry and dump all of the necessary bags.   On my next break, perhaps, I should start planning what I will plant once I finally break ground in 2011!   This seemed like such a good idea when I planned my garden in the dead of winter!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I love the raised bed concept for gardening. We have terrible soil here - lots of heavy clay. It takes ages to amend the soil for a nice garden. We have managed a small spot for tomatoes and zucchini, which we have been very successful with. This spring we are attempting peppers ans strawberries as well! Good luck with you new beds!!

Tricia said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - it did give me some sense of not being alone in all this. :)

I too need to start working on my garden - first job is to pull out all last years crap that I didn't bother with last fall!