Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a day

My friend Dr. Cranky had his 80th birthday yesterday.    Another friend of his, a lovely and gentle woman in her 70s, and I decided that we should have a small party to commemorate the occasion.   We learned, not for the first time, that no good deed goes unpunished.   Dr. Cranky went berserk when his (dying) brother phoned from California to try to wish him a happy birthday because the call came just as Dr. Cranky was readying himself to give a few "remarks."   He berated the gentle woman who answered the phone for F-ing up his day, and generally spent the next half hour in tantrum.    He was finally persuaded to give his remarks, a rambling diatribe that criticized women and extolled his own family.  When he was finished, his only son (in from out of town for the event) challenged Dr. Cranky on the factual basis of some remark.   They celebrated the occasion by shouting Fs to each other and the universe.

We met a few other guests at Dr. Cranky's favorite restaurant.   We had tapas and sangria (I had LOTS of sangria) and chocolate bumpy cake from Sanders.   Although better behaved, Dr. Cranky made clear that he was to be the center of every conversation.   After the longest 2 hours I've spent in awhile, people practically stumbled over one another in a rush to say their goodbyes and get to the exit.   It was then that I realized that I didn't have my car keys.    I mentally prepared myself to find them in the ignition of my locked vehicle, and walked slowly to my car, working out in my head how to get help  unlocking the car and what to do while I was waiting.    But - miracle of miracles -  as the car came into sight, there were my keys, in the passenger door, right where I had obviously left them when I went back for the cake.     It was not a good day, but it sure could have been a whole lot worse, and I was grateful.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sounds like a very unusual birthday celebration. Remarkably, Dr. Cranky reminds me somewhat of my paternal grandfather.... Though for him it wasn't sangria, it was martinis. And though I was definitely not old enough to join in that celebration, my grandfather always gave me his olives.

Thank goodness your keys and car were there waiting for you!! I'm certain that was a blessed reward for you after enduring the "party".

Cat said...

Congrats on finding the rainbow!
What a nasty stormy birthday!

Snowbird said...

Oh wow, sounds like Dr. Cranky lived up to his name. You are amazing. I don't think I could have hung in there that long!

Tootie said...

Wow, it's been a while since I've been here. I started at the top and worked my way down.

Sorry to hear Dr Cranky is still such an unhappy guy. So sad he can't get a little enjoyment out of nice things you do for him.

The Grands must have had a great time making crafts. Memories they'll never forget. :)

I am very impressed with your gardening skills. I see a bigger garden in your future.

I'll have to say I was surprised with fishing classes. I wouldn't have guessed you would like that sport. You will get better each time you go. And it's wonderful you are out and about. :)

gpc said...

I was surprised by the fishing, too, Tootie. I told my sister (who keeps asking me, "but WHY FISHING?") that it's one of the few things I can do by myself without feeling sorry for myself. It's not the fishing, really, it's the chance to stand in the middle of a quiet stream, enjoying the sounds and the water. Sort of like shelling, oddly enough.