Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold and wet, Florida style

My rental car said it was 31 degrees when i went to Blind Pass this morning. The water felt even colder and it was windy. But I had my heart set on finding an alphabet cone so I climbed over the railing and down the rocks. My optmism sunk a bit when I saw that several shellers were already climbing over the pile. One woman was using the kick and smash method of shelling, digging her boots into the pile and grinding away. We really need a shellers' etiquette book! I kept to the water's edge as is my wont and found the best shells of the week -- nice olives, a lovely nutmeg, an orange turban, some coral (including a piece of branch coral), 2 alphabet cones, some other cone and a piece of junonia. I wanted to keep looking but I wanted to feel my fingers and toes again even more so I went back to the condo for some coffee. Why does cold and wet feel so much better on Sanibel than it will tomorrow in Saginaw?!

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

That is the mystery.... why can we do cold and wet at the beach so easily? I hope you arrived home to a nice mild winter temp. Sounds like your last day of shelling was superb! Can't wait to see your finds!