Sunday, December 19, 2010


 It has been snowing, on and off, which adds to the Christmas feeling.    Christmas music playing at all the malls and on the radio.   So of course, although I have so little to do, I have been getting into the spirit of the season by being -- FRANTIC!    I decided to save a few minutes today by using a postal machine to mail my final (I hope) packages.   Everything went well, no lines, easy-peasy -- until I tried to put the boxes into the mail chute, which was LOCKED!     I drove all over town trying to find an open chute that would accept my packages, before I finally just drove home, went on line and requested a package pickup from my front porch sometime tomorrow.    So, even though my decorations are up and my presents have long been purchased and wrapped, I finally got to have a little Holiday Hysteria.    Life is good.


spindelmaker said...

I adore your Christmas-palm!
Ha, ha, ha... it´s the first one I´ve ever seen!
Good luck with your parcels :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved this post and I love usps package pick up. :)