Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Over A Foot Of Karma

When I was a kid, lo those many years ago, most parents in my circle employed the "I'll Give You Something To Whine About" technique.   Today it is clear that Mother Nature is Old School all the way.    Perhaps I have mentioned once or twice that I am SICK of snow and TIRED of winter.    Today I got something to whine about.     I'm going to tell you all about it, bloggy friends, because my neighbors don't want to hear about it.   They have plenty of shoveling to do.

The TV news says we've had around a foot of snow so far.   And it is NOT light and fluffy.   And it is COLD.    And it is very, VERY windy, so there are BIG drifts everywhere.

It took me fifteen minutes to open my front door, pushing and kicking at the drift that held it closed tight.   It took me another fifteen to find my front steps and shovel down to the sidewalk.    At that point, I cried Uncle and went back inside.

Naturally, because my life is filled with good judgment and clever decisions, I had cancelled my Snow Plow Guy just last week.    It's just not in my budget, I explained to him.   I only intended to use your services while I was away on vacation, I will shovel my own snow from now on, thank you very much. 

Today I swallowed my pride and called him.   "Hello, Gail," he answered the phone.   Clearly he'd know all along that I would come crawling back.   "I'm so sorry I broke up with you," I said.   "Please come back."    And wonder of wonders, he says he will!    Eventually, when he can fit me in.   I suppose I'll need to learn his name if we are going to be seeing each other again.

My grandchildren have a very different attitude about the snow than I do.   My son says they are excited about playing outside.    They are down the block, but at this point, might as well be a continent away because there is no way yet to get from Here to There without wading through hip-high snow.   But the thought of their laughter warms me, as I sit with my tea and my laptop.   I am lucky indeed, basking in the nearness of family and the forgiveness of the Snow Plow Guy.

UPDATE:   Later in the day:  the Snow Plow Guy came -- yay!  --  but I didn't get off scot-free; I still had some re-shoveling to do after the wind blew drifts back over his handiwork.    Still it was just a normal shoveling, not the massive job it would have been!   And I had visitors!   My kids brought the little grands over on a sled to be sure I was dug out -- is there anything more fun for a child than a sleigh ride through the neighborhood?    I don't think so!


Shawkl said...

Yep, after the first five minutes...snow is for kids! Here in Alabama we hardly get the stuff...but even we have gotten a few inches this year. Having lived in Indianapolis and Germany for a while...I had some idea how to prepare. And, while all my neighbors were rushing to the bread and milk aisles (which I always keep plenty of)...I went to the canning aisle...after ROCK SALT! Also bought several boxes of cheap table salt. I salted my 13 steps to my garage walk way to Mom's house...and her cement steps. The electric sayed on (thank you Lord)...and we could still go back and forth without problem. Try pouring some salt on your steps and porch!!

Stay warm!


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I feel your pain. I have family in Wisconsin and Kansas and they are not faring too well right now. Enjoy that hot tea. And get to know the Snow Plow Guys name!!

Shellbelle said...

I just had to drop by and take a look around and honey, I like what I see. I read back to your last Sanibel trip post, laughing along the way and feeling your pain in some other posts.

I read every single one of your 61 things to do before you're 62 and must tell you it's a great list. I can relate to most of them. I don't get out of the house six times a week, but I do try to get out as often as possible. This usually means a trip to the beach and you know I'm always ready for that.

I'll be back — often!

Tootie said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow! I'm sure glad snow plow man dug you out. How fun it must have been for the kids to come visiting by sleigh. :) Kind of makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

Mrs A said...

go and make a snowman out front, give him a shovel to hold -
at least it will make you smile when you look outside !

Carapace said...

I had one inch of snow and it nearly killed everything in my yard. My sympathies to you! But oh, yes, such fun for kids!

And at least a big snow is...pretty, or something?My sympathies, either way!

Ragamuffin Prims said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my OWOH post for my blog. I'm letting you know here that I am participating with another blog as well (makeminelemonade) and have already left a comment on your OWOH post and so didn't want to "enter" twice. Hope your snow melts off soon but gee - doesn't really look like it will, does it? We're heading back to live in Florida ASAP!

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