Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Giveaway begins, and Sunday Driving

Happy May, I am hoping that the excessive April Showers will result in copious May flowers!      There are flowering trees in my neighborhood, and they are beginning their spring bloom, finally.    It lifts my heart to see them!   All comments this month will be entered into a drawing for my May prize, which will be a candy or sweet of some sort, since I have been avoiding sugar and am craving it BADLY today!

I took a fairly long Sunday drive today, alone.   I don't do this often, and less often since gas prices have gone so high.   
 But today I wanted to scout out a place north of me to look for fly tying thread, so that I can start working on my brother's intended gift of saltwater flies, and some 5# tippet so that I can get out and fish.   My fishing license is burning a hole in my pocket, because yesterday was opening day.

Long drives by myself give rise to a mix of emotions.   I usually start out feeling sorry for myself that I live such a solitary life, and have no companion.   I imagine nice trips and comfortable drives, and the fun of discovering new things along the way.   But then, way too quickly, I start to recall the less-nice drives that really happened, the terrible side-trips, and I am comforted by the fact that no one in my car or life today will become angry or profane or accusing on this trip that I take alone.    And so I settled into my own company and drove quite happily through unknown roads, enjoying my little discoveries.   

The fishing store was full of interesting surprises and local color.    

I learned that there were several cheese "outlets" in this area where I'd never been.   They were filled with sample jars of cheese cubes, spreads, and fudge.

And I drove past a pond that, although flooded at the moment, might be a good place to cast a few flies once the banks are safe to stand on.

I came home with two colors of thread, the tippet, and some local cheese.     I also returned with just a smidgeon of confusion, because I have no idea why a freshwater pond in Michigan would have been signed with a porpoise.    But all of it brought a smile to my face.   I complemented myself on my driving, appreciated coming home to my delicious homemade soup, and thought again how lucky I am to live with me.


sue in mexico mo said...

Sounds like a nice day.

Don said...

I'm glad you are able to enjoy your drives alone, but I am also sad that you have no one to share them with. Debbie and I often take drives and I enjoy our times together. I can't image not having her with me. And I hope I always have her in the passenger seat.

The sign at the fishing store reminds me of an old joke about a bar where you were checked for weapons as you went in. If you didn't have any, you were issued one.

Also glad the trees are blooming for you. Many of ours seemed to have went through that phase quicker than usual. It was pretty while it lasted.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I love to go out and drive. Love long distance driving as well. Don't love the passengers who are always whining, though, so no cross country road trips right now.

Emily@theNest said...

I'm glad you had a lovely day after all- I so rarely get time by myself I have to admit i love to escape in the car!!!! The petrol (gas) prices here are scary too- definitely put you off going too far :( Coming home to homemade soup really adds the cherry to the top of the cake!!

Honey from the Bee said...

I actually don't mind driving by myself or at least with one of my dogs. Gives me a chance to listen to the music I want to listen to and just let the mind wander.

I left you a note on my post that you commented on. : )

I managed to find $4 for premium at Costco last week. That's not going to last. I remember my Dad taking us out on Sunday drives and a stop at Dairy Queen. Loved the post.

Simple Daisy said...

What a lovely day!! I don't mind being alone at all!! In fact I really enjoy it:):)

The Farmer Files said...

You found much along the road, including your wise thoughts. Loved this.

Shellbelle said...

Yes honey, you are lucky to live with you!

It seems as though you realized that being by yourself is not a bad thing. I love taking drives and doing road trips with me, myself and I. I take the time to enjoy our beautiful country and the selfish side knows I can stop anywhere, anytime my little heart desires. Anything that peaks my interest, I stop and investigate. I always pack a picnic lunch or a cooler full of goodies, so if I see nature at its finest, I don't have to pass by to get to a place to eat. BUT, if I do see a cafe or such, I know I can stop, eat and save my goods for later.

I've met the nicest people, enjoyed the solitude, and just had a darn good time!

Enjoy every moment.