Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Kind Of Town

Biil boards on the expressway say, " YOUR WIFE IS HOT.". The most amazing things are for sale. People pour on the charm and promise everything while delivering very little. It has its charms, but this is not my favorite city. I tell the taxi driver that we want to go to a certain address. $30 each way, four times a week. What's there, he asks. A clinic, I answer. But the girl next to me leans forward, a little too much perfume and make-up, but proud and definite. ARNO, she says. Addiction Resources, New Orleans. 41 days clean. I hope the same can be said tomorrow because she insists on visiting a friend from the old life tonight. The magnolias are just starting to bloom. They are beautiful and fragile.

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Shellbelle said...

I hope that all is going well, sending positive thoughts out to the girl.

Stay strong.

sue in mexico mo said...

How is it going?

Honey from the Bee said...

Ah... not the easiest place to be strong so I'm sending extra hugs and strength to weather the storm.