Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Day

Our weather here has alternated between beautiful and wet-basement-stormy.   Today it can't seem to decide, but I've put in my vote for beautiful because the basement is still wet from the last storm.   My son brought over a dehumidifier, which I thought I didn't need, and thank goodness he did because I am emptying it every few hours.   Instead of sitting here at the computer, I surely should be going through things that could be thrown away, clearing out the basement room that got wet.    You will notice that I ignore my own advice and keep on typing.
 The Universe has been sending me feather messages this week.   Every couple of days a feather shows up on a car window, or my shoulder, or the front door.   Maybe my Guardian Angel has been bustling around.   I'm not sure what the feathers are trying to say, but I enjoy noticing them, like soft little gifts.
Work is going along, sometimes well enough, sometimes I just can't tell.    The lucky thing is that I don't really need to have answers or know what to say, I just need to be present.   I feel fortunate to 'walk' with people when they are so vulnerable and open, there truly is a sacredness about it, at least some of the time.   It certainly has made me think a lot more about my own death, about how I want to live until then, and about how much I love my family.

Two more zucchini in my garden nearly ready to pick!   I hope I will be baking zucchini bread very soon!   My tomatoes are still ripening in dribs and drabs and I am canning some of the extras in little jelly jars, just enough to create a meal for one, since that is mostly what I am.  I know it's crazy, but sometimes I just can't use up a whole quart, or even a whole pint.    And I don't want a single tomato to go to waste.    I love having my own produce in the winter!   

The countdown to my niece's west-coast wedding has begun -- less than a month to go and I still don't know what I should wear.    The wedding will be outside, on a northwest island, and the dress-code suggestions is "casual chic."    I wonder if I can wear my jammies, or are they not quite chic enough?


The Farmer Files said...

Mortality is something I am afraid will hurt. I don't like minimal pain, as it is.

I wonder about your jammies...are they chic? I would love chic jammies. Mine are sloppy. My son took one look at me in my jammies this morning and told me there was no way I was taking him to school looking like that. HA.

gpc said...

That is what I pray for with most of the people I work with, that they be kept free from pain, and free from fear. From what I can see, thankfully, most times those prayers are answered.

I WISH I had chic jammies! Your son would probably have nightmares if he saw me in the morning!

spindelmaker said...

Go vintage! In the 1920s they wore chic pajamas. So chic that it is sometimes difficult to know whether they were for sleeping in or evening party-wear. True! I just read this in my research! So bet advice: get a vide pure silk pajamas, heels, a big ostrich feather for your hair and some heavy black sotted eye-makeup! :-) That´ll show them!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Well, I am the sister of Rebecca of '4 Golden Eggs' blog. We are sixteen years apart...she, being the younger of the two of us. I saw your post, so thought I'd stop by and I already like the wisdom and feel of how you perceive life. I will be 62 in a couple of months. So...about life and people. I had a lovely friend in France and we emailed for two years. She was 58. Her husband emailed me a week ago and said she had passed away. Another kindred spirit gone from this Earth. We were both doll makers and were mebers in a couple of doll workshop ning sites. We talked about everything under the sun. I will definitely miss her, but her memory I will hold dear in my heart. Life does have turns we can't always anticipate and friendships are the stuff dreams are made of.
May you have a blessed day
Oh! Be prepared for any and every kind of weather for your niece's wedding. The weather can change in an instant in the Northwest.
Teresa in California

Simple Daisy said...

Oh my goodness...what an amazing photo of the sky!!!

I am getting feather messages too! I just molded a blue jay feather and cast it in bronze to make a bracelet!! I love all things nature:)

Rebecca said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet and kind comment.
When my Daddy died, I began finding a feather each day. I believe in angels. I wonder if we are 'visited' by our loved ones who have passed on as well.
I love zucchini and zucchini bread.
You make me laugh about your wedding attire. I'm sure you will find something perfect to wear.
Blessings in the journey,