Thursday, September 1, 2011


Nothing has changed, but I feel so busy lately, like there is barely time to catch my breath.   It feels a little too much like dread.   My old friend Dr. Cranky suggested that being around so much death and dying in my hospice job is taking a toll on me, but I suspect I am just getting old and out of shape.  

Still working on the big what-to-wear for my niece's wedding.   I loved the reader-idea of silk pajamas thanks, spindlemaker!), but unfortunately my age/body type/general lack of fitness and grace would make that a decidedly UN-glamorous look.    I finally came up with a modest idea of my own and shared it with my pesky baby sister.   The little stinker called me later that day to say that SHE had gone to the mall and tried on MY idea, and that she loved it, bought the whole outfit and couldn't be happier.    Just as well.    She (1) cares more about clothes, and (2) will look better in it anyway since she is taller and prettier and blonde.   But it's back to the drawing board for me.    Either inspiration will strike me again or I will wear something from my pitiful closet.    The one thing I've learned about weddings (and funerals) is that nobody is going to remember what I wore, so I'll keep looking, but I'm not all that stressed about it.  Yet.

Besides the upcoming wedding trip to the west coast, I am mentally trying to work out trips to New Orleans and Sanibel.   It would be a lot easier to plan if I didn't have to work.    Even a part-time job is something to be reckoned with.  Of course, it would be a lot harder to pay for without the job.   Note to self:  next time, be independently rich.

We are moving into the prettiest time of the year here.   A few trees down the road are already starting to show some fall color.   My garden has erupted in riot.   The herbs can't be contained, there are tomatoes daily, and my zucchini plant has finally produced enough for a few batches of zucchini bread and grilled zucchini.   I haven't seen any baby pumpkins yet, but the vines are covered with blossoms.   Life is good.


Honey from the Bee said...

We brunettes can wear more bold and jewel-tone colors so don't distress. Think about the poem "I shall wear purple" and wear what makes YOU feel great. Made me smile that your sister went out and bought your idea! Shows that even she knows you have wonderful taste.

Enjoy your upcoming travels!

Rebecca said...

Dear gpc,
You are so dear to drop by my blog and leave me a note. I always have fun reading yours.
My goodness, we have some things in common. I worked for years as a pediatric hospice nurse, just finished being unemployed (my husband) for a year and a half, haven't stepped on a bathroom scale in a number of months (it's in storage), and see my belly growing (too bad I can't blame it on another baby)! I'm working on my 'bucket list' and love reading yours...the list goes on.
Hey, if you wear the silk pajamas, people WOULD remember what you wore!
xo, rebecca

thefarmerfiles said...

I am of the, "no one will remember" persuasion. I get that. But that is when I get to the last straw about what I am going to wear. :)

Gardening...all my eldest has wanted for 2 years is a garden. Last year we were renting, and now we are waiting for our license plates to come in for our car. Hopefully soon we can have a fall garden. It is still summer in Tokyo.

Debbie V. said...

I think the reason I don't attend many events is the clothes question. At my dad's funeral I was worried people might think it strange I was in black pants, black flats and a dark green lacy blouse. But most people were dressed rather casual and that made me feel so much better. I haven't been to a wedding in decades.
You are right - fall is so precious. Right now there are 4 or 5 types of wildflowers blooming along the roadside near our house. Their span is so short - I hope they'll last until this weekend so I can get more pictures. Fall is so homey.