Wednesday, August 10, 2011


What a beautiful day, temperatures in the low 70s, with a soft breeze, blue skies and sunshine.   Absolutely beautiful.   On a day as pretty as this, I always wish that I were in love.   Pitiful, I know, and wondering how old I will be before I stop my foolish thoughts, but there it is.

And after work, for dinner, to top off the pure joy of good weather, I made the Pioneer Woman's twice baked potatoes, as indulgent and delicious meal as anyone could want.     And did I have an ice cream drumstick for dessert?   Or did I have two?  Don't ask, seriously.

I did not check my retirement fund.   I did not weigh myself.    This was a good day.


Niky Sayers said...

Heres to more good days and never giving up on love! xxx

Snowbird said...

Any day you don't weigh yourself is a good day!! LOL

The Farmer Files said...

Days in the 70s are romantic for sure. Love will find you. :)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Hey, try Pioneer Woman's "crash hot potatoes".... delicious! Can't wait for her new show to start!!