Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jousting Peeps and Castle Games

My grandchildren stayed over last night.   My grandson informs me that we are at the beginning of a(nother) epic Castle Battle, building soldiers and traps that will fill his imagination for weeks to come. 
 My granddaughter wanted me to play the twin roles of Good Student ('Feathers") and Bad Student ("Fifi"), with a definite preference for Fifi's antics, which caused her endless laughter.  

We made Magic Slushies (not a huge success), watched Robots (cute), and camped out in sleeping bags.   I tried introducing the new game of Jousting Peeps, which they mostly saw as an excuse to eat both the victors and the losers at the end of each game.   We learned that the pink peeps consistently puffed up more than the yellow peeps, but we don't know why, perhaps a reminder that life is full of sweet mysteries.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I assume you were microwaving the peep?! Could be difference in food dye colors... Sounds like fun, eating them all in the end!

sue in mexico mo said...

Fun times! I bet you are worn out today. It is exhausting to have this much fun.