Monday, December 3, 2012

Dangerous Work

I am still trying to get my Holiday projects done, so today I started on the next phase of my brother's fish-throw.    Simple, simple, simple.    I am not quilter and this is my first project of this sort.    I plan a simple machine quilt, just boxing off the squares, with maybe some hand quilting on the fish themselves.    The sort of thing that the quilters I follow would snap off in an hour.    
Two hours later, my hands torn and picked where the pins caught me, I have two of the 12 main seams done.    I can already see that my batting is barely big enough and my backing wasn't big enough at all, so it's a very good thing that I didn't have a specific finished size in mind!    I have to stop for the day or my brother's gift will be stained with bits of me, and although I intended to put myself into the project, I don't think he needs a pint of my blood!

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