Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inch by Inch

I guess it's true for everybody that the good times in life seem to fly by, while the harder times just drag on for what feels like forever.   I've hit those hard times myself, although my life is easier than usual right now.   But friends are in some of those hard patches, and there's nothing I can do except stand on the sidelines and shout encouragement.   And even that has to be done rarely, because they are too overwhelmed to deal even with support.    I've discovered that I am a wanna-bee fixer, so it's hard for me to just sit and wait.   I tell them, and my experience convinces me, that there is daylight on the other side of the tunnel, but none of us can predict how long that tunnel is and there is no more helpless feeling than having to stand by while people you love are suffering.   

So meanwhile, I try to keep my hands and my mind busy.   Fortunately there's always plenty to do!   I won some absolutely fantastic fat quarters from Random Thoughts . . .do or di last month, and I am loving them to pieces.   Pieces, get it?  Making quilty little bags and things.
I've been working on little outfits for my Grands' stuffed animals because they wanted something special for them to wear on vacation.   This one is my favorite!

And I finally bought myself a new laptop - the new MacBook Air, yay! -- which means that I also got a whole slew of new Apps,  and am planning to try some digital modes of amateur radio.    I didn't think I'd be interested in getting into the digital side of the hobby, but learned recently that there is a need for digital operators in our local emergency agencies.
My "CW" (or Morse Code) work continues, and I finally feel like I am getting better.   Copying a solid 7 wpm, and hoping the improvement will continue!    I'm hoping to build a home 'shack' so that I can finally do some CW on air.   I could go to a friend's house and use his radio, but I feel shy experimenting with this foreign world in front of him, no matter how silly that may be.    Even though I know he would be cheering me on and not judging me, I would feel his eyes and ears on me, no matter how far he removed himself to the other side of his house.    Here at home, with no one watching, I think I will be more likely to venture out.   Fingers crossed that I am able to have something set up before summers' end.

And there's always the unexpected to deal with.   Shouldda expected that emergency repairs would be in order right after I spent all my discretionary money on that fabulous laptop!   Part of the pipe under my bathroom sink rusted out today and has to be replaced, but the standard replacement parts didn't fit -- looks like maybe it was a custom job -- and of course the plumber is closed today.      Lucky me, at least I have another bathroom!  :)
And the last big rain brought water into my basement -- the basement I was FINALLY getting organized!    I tell my grief groups to try to be grateful for frustrations because they keep us moving, even when we don't feel much like doing anything.   Guess it's time for me to walk my talk! 

Hope your weekend is going well! 


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

How come whenever there is a plumbing problem it's always a "custom" job? I have that same problem. I thought I was the only one that had sink pipes that actually rust through. Ugh. Good luck.

Patti said...

Isn't it fun to make something with fabric you didn't have to buy yourself! The clothes look great! Darn plumbing problems.....!