Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Skill Building

Lots of fun stuff going on!     I had a lovely drive yesterday to an adjoining county, where I filed the marriage license for the couple I married this weekend.   What a cute couple!    Our Michigan weather is perfect for me right now -- cool nights, pleasant days, and enough breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay.    Love it!

After I got back from the clerk's office, my radio Friend and I built and tested a portable Yagi antenna together yesterday -- my first!    It's made out of PVC pipe and and a measuring tape, and was a lot of fun and not difficult since he was there to explain the steps that were missing from the instructions.   He and a local search and rescue group are using it today to track a balloon that is being released by a local high school with a radio transmitter inside, so we'll find out how well it really works.     Wish I could have gone along but I'm not part of the group and didn't want to push myself in, so I'll go to work instead (sigh).   But I'm looking forward to feedback on how the antenna performs!   My plan is to build another, hopefully with his help, to use at home so that I can reach more local repeaters.
I am still regularly working on my Morse Code and (not as frequently as I should) on my next level radio exam, but I've carved out a little time to work on little zipper pouches and pot holders, from scraps in my stash, to put away as little gifts -- none of them are perfect yet, but they are slowly getting better, or so I tell myself. 
And thanks to the inspiration from a 'gift' of some acorn caps recently, I've started to make more pipe cleaner dolls, just in time for summer vacation and more adventures with the Grands.   I learned about this adorable craft from Emily at The Nest, who does so many clever things, and we all love them.    My granddaughter wants to put on the faces, so I will just continue to build and stack them up until she is ready to add her special touches.  :)

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Those little acorn dolls are adorable. Are you a minister? I didn't know that. You sure have been busy.