Monday, October 7, 2013

Aching All Over!

What a week!    My grandson broke his arm -- another playground accident, and just a short time after injuring his eye.   Not a good month for the little guy!    He was most upset about missing cello practice but they were able to tape the bow to his splint and he soldiered through.    What amazing perseverance, I have a lot to learn from him!
This was also the weekend for my Search and Rescue Operations training, which included night searches, navigation, and a bunch of other stuff that was all new to me.   We spent about 16 hours in the field, which was actually a forested area with a lot of underbrush, searching day and night for clues.    The leaves are turning and falling, and the forest was absolutely beautiful, despite the rain.   The night searches were magical, with different sounds and smells and the sight of our flashlights scanning through the woods.     There were slippery leaves, mud and forest critters, and it was hard to ignore the sheer beauty of it to focus on clue finding.  In our classroom we saw (and rescued) a very large wolf spider, something I'd never seen before.
We didn't know going in what we were searching for, beyond a vague description of an imaginary person, but as it turned out, some of the clues were quite large, while others were pretty small.   In one exercise the clues were playing cards, and the red backs of the small cards blended into the fallen leaves pretty well.   I know I missed a bunch of them in the underbrush and that was frustrating.    We hiked what felt like a million miles, and then worked our way through fallen trees and thick underbrush, always searching.      It was beyond exhausting for this old body, but SO much fun.    And although I was sometimes sopping wet, my Vasque boots kept my feet warm and dry the whole time!  :)
There was a lot of compass and map navigation -- I really like learning the navigation skills and am getting better with a compass, shooting bearings, but still get turned around sometimes in the forest with the map where there are few landmarks and need a lot more work on that.    As is so often the case, I didn't do as well as I wished or as badly as I feared.     But I know that my skills will get better if I work at it, and I know that being good at it is important to me because I might some day be able to be of benefit to the community through this work.


Honey from the Bee said...

You are an inspiration! This sounds like such a great growth opportunity and suits your passion so well.

Sorry about your grandson. Taping the bow to his splint! Perseverance and shows his passion!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Oh, poor grandson - what a tough little boy!

Loved hearing about your training. You know, it's practically like geocaching in the woods. :-) Sort of the same principle, using a GPS and landmarks and looking for a geocache. At least what you're doing is important and makes a difference.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandson. He is really a strong young man to keep going without letting his broken arm hold him back.
Honey is there anything you can't do. You simply amaze me and often when I get down I think of you because you inspire me so much.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.