Saturday, October 12, 2013

Around The House

I have been busy this weekend, lots of goings on at work,  but not as productive at home as I'd like.    That lazy streak is never far from the surface with me, but I did get a few things done.    I did 'finish' painting the white part of the front porch (the blue trim still needs some touch up) -- actually, the whole porch could use another coat or two of paint and a whole lot of clean up.   I didn't do a very good job.   But I finally ran out of paint and decided that was as good a way as any to decide that the job was complete.    Even a poor job is a big improvement, as you can see from the before and after photos!

It took me several days just to unpack my gear from the Search and Rescue training and get it cleaned and ready to go if I am called out.    Once that task was done, as a reward to my aching feet for getting me through all the woods-trekking last weekend (and to remove a lot of white paint from my bad habit of painting in bare feet), I went for a long overdue pedicure this week.   I found Serenity Spa, the cutest ever salon, right here in Saginaw.   Jessica did a wonderful job, my happy toes were filed and smoothed and painted Princesses Rule Pink.  :)

I did accomplish the usual odds and ends -- changed my sheets, got groceries, wrote a thank you note, did some research projects for clubs I am in, spent an evening with my grandchildren.    I also finally packed and mailed a little housewarming gift to a friend's daughter who just moved to a new apartment.    I don't know her very well, so I tried to make a little "blessings box" that I would be happy to receive.     I included local honey (with the wish that her life be filled with sweetness),  one of my potholders (protection from harm),  a candle (light through darkest times) and a foot scrub (love of friends and family to ease every burden).   Definitely not a big deal - the gift cost less than the postage -- but it was pretty cute, if I say so myself.  I hope she likes it, too. 
Tasks still on the list for today are laundry, maybe a baking project (it is wonderful baking weather today!), CW practice,  some general housework and, I hope, a walk out in this glorious weather.     Tomorrow I will be doing a funeral for one of my patients, and getting ready to start the week all over again.   


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I call your porch painting project a huge success - it's shabby chic distressed and exactly the look I shoot for with my furniture. :-)

The housewarming gift is lovely, a charming gesture and I'm sure the recipient will be touched.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What an absolutely wonderful gift! I want to remember this so I can do it for someone! Blessings, Marlene