Friday, October 31, 2014

I've been keeping busy with work and search/rescue drills and committees, trying to adjust my mind to the increasingly cold and gray weather.    The trees are getting bare and although it is still a beautiful world, it is clear that Winter Is Coming.
I only got a few projects done to link to Cat Patches October NewFO party this month.    I made a couple more slinky eternity scarves to put away for Christmas,  not an impressive accomplishment since they literally take 15 minutes each to complete.
My only Real sewing project was to finish another Paris-themed bag for my wonderful daughter in law.   I haven't given her this one yet, I might use it as wrapping at Christmas.

I started placing charm squares for another tote but have not had time to even stitch the basic seams yet, much less pick out a lining fabric.
In other projects, I had one of my grief groups paint their idea of what gratitude feels like, and although I did not paint my own vision of that feeling, it was interesting to see how it looks from different stages in the grief journey.   It takes my breath away.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Would you believe we had snow today? It didn't stick, but it flurried all day. xo

Barbara said...

Well how lazy can you be with all that going on. Those are great bags you've been making.

Dasha said...

Lovely bag you have made. Your daughter-in-law should be pleased when she receives it. Good luck with keeping it til Christmas. I can never do that, and end up giving the gift straight away. I think of the person as I make the gift, and then can't bring myself to wait!