Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jumpin' Into June

What a nice month it's been already!   I've been in the woods, I've gotten presents, and the sun has been shining!
The day in the woods was lots of fun, and I'll be back in just a few days for a drill in the same area.   Too many mosquitoes and deer flies, but beautiful all the same.   And a friend brought his dog Blue along, with his sweet disposition and beautiful tri-colored eyes.
My bloggy friend Kim, from Snug Harbor Bay, sent me the most beautiful bracelet!   She made it for me with my name and call sign, so it is uniquely mine.   I love it to pieces.   I have been blogging for just over 8 years, and have met the nicest people, like Kim, that I would likely never have met otherwise.   What a wonderful world!
And another friend gave me a gift today of socks, since he knows how much I like brightly colored footwear.    I am rocking the pink pair tonight.   I love No-Reason presents better than Christmas!   Basking in the knowledge that people I care about have been thinking about me.  :)
Here is my thought for today -- I consider it my summer homework.    I hope your lists are filled with happy things!  

1 comment:

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I like your summer homework!

I'm happy you like your bracelet because I loved making it for you. I've met the most amazing people thru blogging, like you.

I had a fantastic week on Sanibel and threw a shell into the gulf for you.