Saturday, June 6, 2015

No Whining Allowed

What a lovely place Michigan is!   The world is lush and green right now, and I am enjoying the view.      It is really too beautiful to complain about anything!

I led a graveside service this week in an old cemetery in a small city, just off a main road. The widower, we'll call him Pat, was there with the deceased wife's son, who called Pat by his first name, leading me to believe it was a second marriage.    Although I did not know anything about the family history,  I knew that Pat had suffered greatly from his wife's death, and the son, too, was weeping openly.   I read some scripture, and said a few prayers.    Just after I said the prayer of committal, commending her spirit into God's care, two deer ran across the lawn behind me, playing and dancing as they went, and not in any hurry at all.   The cemetery staff, waiting to fill in the grave, exclaimed out loud, later telling me that they had never seen deer there.   We finished the service, I hugged the family and went on my way.    But I couldn't help but wonder whether the wife had gone to meet a first love who had gone on before her. 
I finally planted my window boxes and hope they thrive.   The boxes do not drain well and I neglected to fix that problem (as I had promised myself I would) before I planted them again. And we seem to having a lot of rain this year.   Except for a couple of cherry tomato plants and a few herbs, flowers are all I planted this year.  

My bird bath is getting popular with the local avian population.  Nothing fancy in my neck of the woods, but I do have pretty yellow and purple finches and lots of robins.   I have friends who get hummingbirds, woodpeckers and my son's family, who lives near by, was visited this week by a tri-colored night heron -- memories of Sanibel!   Nothing so exotic on my little city lot.  Of course, I do have several generation of bunnies -- you can just barely see the head of one peeking out of the grass by the shed in this photo.    I use them as an excuse to leave patches of weeds and growth all year in my yard.    I can't claim it is 'landscaping,' so I call it 'habitat.'    The critters appreciate it, even if the neighbors might not.  :)

One of the hopice volunteers made me some of her amazing spicy peanut brittle this week.   She doses it with cayenne pepper and who knows what else.   She invented the recipe herself and will not share it, and I don't blame her a bit.   All I know for sure is that it is HOT, and leaves a satisfying burn in the mouth.   No other way to describe it than addictive.   I ate this little baggie the day I got it.    If anyone knows where I can buy some will power -- Amazon? -- please let me know.

Our Training Team spent days last week planning our June search and rescue drill, tromping through puckerbrush to find a good place for us to practice our search skills, setting up a course, planting clues.   When we did the monthly call out, only two people responded that they would be there so we had to cancel.     The lack of searches has sapped people of their willingness to give of their time, and it is very disturbing.   I hate to think this really important organization might fail for lack of interest.  But change is inevitable.   There's no point in worrying about what will happen or whether the group will survive.   I do, of course, but it's still good to remind myself that there's no point to it.  :)  The sun is shining and life, while not perfect, is good.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is one amazing headstone - love the saying on it.

I've never heard of hot peanut brittle. She may be on to something there that she could market.