Friday, January 20, 2017

Ignoring Politics As Best I'm Able

Little bits of odds and ends got done this week.   I made a Paw Patrol pillowcase for my hair stylist's just-turned-3-year-old grandson -- she told me during my last haircut that she was looking for little rewards because he s in the potty training stage, and that he loves Paw Patrol.   My great nephew loved the pillowcase I made him for Christmas, so I thought her little guy might enjoy one, too.  I dropped it off last weekend; he was taking his nap, and his mom planned to swap the pillowcase while he was sleeping.   I got a text from them the next day, saying that he takes it everywhere with him.
I made a couple more quilt blocks, still trying to decide what block I will use for my Rainbow Quilt challenge, the first one I've joined.  I am leaning toward either the little heart or second,  cobblestone block, or more likely both, since they are both very easy and I think both will look nice in a mix of colors.  I also made the 5th block in my Solstice Challenge, and another fleece blanket for my brother, who loved the one I made for Christmas.   I also started, but did not yet finish, another tote -- hopefully I will be able to claim that finish next week.  :)

And I made a very cute little non-pink, non-political cat hat, that my granddaughter thought was the cat's meow.   I don't post photos of the Grands so you will just have to take my word for it that she looked a lot cuter in it than I do.  :)  I will be making more of these, maybe some teddy bears, too, once I clean my craft room just enough to find the fleece remnants that I KNOW are buried underneath!
There is nothing else new to report from my station here in the Middle of the Mitten.   Our Sunday dominoes games are well underway, and I am losing every game but loving every minute.   I hope the same is true for you.   The loving part, that is.   Losing is optional.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The pillowcase is adorable!

Barbara said...

Looks like you're spending your ignoring time well. I'm with you. Can't focus on that stuff all the time or it'll drive you crazy.