Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year Musings

It is that time of year when I, like many of us, become annoyingly introspective.   I did not start the new year off on the best of feet, since I was (finally) coming down with the cold that had already claimed everyone I knew. So, although I was still filled with gratitude at my relationships and generally good health and relative security,  I felt crummy, a little self pitying, and not even a little bit optimistic.  Maybe I was especially introspective this year since I am 67 now, which (in my head) is a reflection of my high school graduation in '67, making me wonder if this is a second chance, perhaps a final chance, for new beginnings.

And so I have been asking myself, what do I want?   What goals, if any, would I like to accomplish?   What changes, if any, should I take another shot at making?   It is hard to think when you feel yucky, but this is what I think I know as I enter 2017:
For sure, if I am allowed to choose,  things are finally getting good and I want more of the same.  I am so lucky, so blessed, to have family and a guy that I love.   I want to spend time with those people, I want to keep enjoying and treasuring them.
I know, as I have  known every freaking other year, that I would feel more hopeful and healthier overall if I were in better physical shape.   But I also know that I am unlikely to become a goddess or a marathoner or even a fitness club member.  With those constraints, I would still like to remember to choose each day to eat better and move more.   I'm a good cook and there is no reason not to use that skill, which I enjoy, for my own good.

My bloggy friend, Janne, is an artist who travels a lot, to interesting and exotic places I can only dream of.   One of her goals this year is to travel someplace she has never been, and I think that is a lovely goal for me.      My someplace is not likely to be Japan or Norway or Finland or Scotland, it will almost certainly be someplace much closer to home, and that will be just fine.

I would certainly like to de-clutter my life.   I am a believer that a cluttered house, a cluttered basement, a cluttered craft room (just for example) lead to a cluttered mind and messy thoughts and emotions.  I am surrounded by material things I do not use, do not want and do not need.   It would be good if I could reduce that load, even by a little.

And I would like to learn some new skills.   I am hoping that I will keep sewing into this new year, and that I will become more competent.   I am hoping, too, to find some surprising new things to learn and study by just being open to whatever comes my way. 

And to you, my few bloggy friends who have kept in touch with me along the way, I wish you the very best year.   I have a feeling it will have its ups and downs,  but if we can keep our heads on a level plane and our hearts open, I hope it will be a good one for all.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Happy New Year Gail!

De-clutter is a goal for me too. There's a good shot we'll be making a permanent move to the lake late this year, so I need to start clearing out my house NOW!

Marie Louise said...

I wish you all the best for this year and I hope that you continue writing your blog since I really enjoy your posts.
Greetings from the Netherlands

Marie Louise