Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bag It

Today I am linking up for the first time to Cat Patches Bag Lady Linky Party -- I finally bought one of the adorable Chickadee Hollows' Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarters Club!   I am a much slower stitcher than Barb, though, so I will likely be working on and linking the same one every month while she makes the whole dozen of them.   I chose Abigail, partly for her name but mostly for her "quilter and fisher" mission.   Frankly, she looks like she might make some of her own clothes, too, and the ones I've been trying to make are just as wonky.
Speaking of clothes, I made a raglan shirt this week -- I am wearing it today but only because I don't plan to leave the house.   It is too big; sizing is going to be a challenge since I refuse to let anyone help and don't have a dressmaker's dummy; and my neckbands are still awful.   Oh well.
I made a kimono, too, for fun.   It might actually see the light of day, or at least the early light, when I sit with coffee once the weather gets warmer.  I can wear it over my hunter green or navy blue nighties, which I also made.  I do love the kimono fabric, a slinky navy and green, and it was fun to sew.   Both designs are from Patterns For Pirates,  one of the pdf on line stores I frequent.  My nighties were sewn from pdf patterns from Love Notions, another favorite pattern shop.
It is a gray and very gloomy day here.   I have water in the basement.   But the flowers are blooming so it is hard to begrudge the rain.   My kids have the most beautiful plants,

but even I have a few blooms today.    My 3 red tulips are blooming, the same 3 tulips that have been there since I moved in 8 years ago.   Other people's tulips spread; mine have taken a militant stand against procreation.   But the dogwood tree that I tried for 3 years to kill, thinking it was a weed tree, is blooming for the second time.   And my weeping something is in full bloom after a pitiful showing the past couple of years.

And more eggs from my chicken loving friends.
Life is good and I, for one, am trying to see it as sunny side up, and to bloom, or maybe over-bloom, where I'm planted.    Living alone as I do, it's a good thing that I crack myself up.  :)


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The kimono is beautiful and so are you in that photo!

Barbara said...

Gorgeous picture of you in your pretty kimono! I love your reason for choosing your particular bag lady, and I'm so glad you linked up this month.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

Yes crack yourself up ha ha!! :)

That kimono looks gorgeous! Great shot of you :)