Thursday, June 1, 2017

June Already!

Another year is flying by.   It has been a gorgeous week here in Mid-Michigan.  If it weren't for the needs of nature (and especially of bug control by deep freeze) I would like to have this weather all year, low 70's with a sweet breeze.     It's bunny season in my neighborhood -- I saw 14 of them on my walk last night!
Things are generally quiet in my life, just the way I like it.   A couple of weeks ago my fella and I went to the annual Ham Radio convention in (Xenia) Ohio, "Hamvention," a rare road trip, and of course we had a good time there.  
On the way home we stopped at Tony Packo's in Toledo, a restaurant my brother recommended that was apparently made famous by Klinger on the television show "Mash."    We got lost on the way there because of a road closure, and I was really regretting suggesting this little side adventure, but when we found it, I was so glad we had gone! We tried everything.   Yes, really, pretty much everything.   It's a small menu.  They serve Chicken Paprikas (pronounced with a sort of "sh" sound on the end) that tastes almost exactly the way my family recipe tastes!  With little dumplings that were way lighter and tastier than Grandma ever made.    I was amazed, it is a dish we have never found in any restaurant anywhere, and that we have never heard pronounced that way, either, outside of our family.   I guess we don't hang with the Hungarian crowd -- my grandfather always identified himself as "Czech" and it wasn't until after he died, and I came into possession of his birth certificate and Bible, that I learned he was, in fact, Hungarian through and through.   They also served a hot chili dog that we enjoyed, and the head-exploding garlic dills we had when I was a child, and even make those little sour cream cucumber slices that my grandma used to like.   My guy preferred the hot dogs, chili and soups to the Paprikas and dill pickles, but I could have eaten those dumplings and gravy all week.   Both of us wolfed down the warm cherry strudel with ice cream, though.  Anyway, much as I love Hamvention, it is Tony Packo's that I am looking forward to on our next trip down!  
My guy is out of town this week to settle a family estate, and so I am keeping busy doing the (many) things I should have done long ago but didn't because I spend so much of my time with him (no complaints!)  I planted my pots and window boxes and weeded the garden, more or less.   I painted the front porch and created a folder that I need for Search and Rescue interviews.  I dusted and vacuumed and organized a closet.   I wasted more time than I should have, but at least I got a few things done!
My front porch has been an ongoing frustration.   I paint it every year, and every year it fades to mostly bare wood.  The past couple years I've used the paints and stains recommended by my local paint store;  this year I read reviews and tried something new.  Fingers crossed!  On the plus side, I discovered a "paint mitt" at a local dollar store, a big fuzzy mitten with a waterproof lining, and used it to paint the thin rails that surround the porch.   What a great invention!   I wore it out on the rough wood spots, and loved it so much I went back to buy more, but they were gone.  Next time, I guess, I'll have to make my own, but it will be worth it.    Maybe not life changing, exactly, but a great painting tool!  (Don't mind the dirt that's already been splashed up by the rain on the bottom rails!)
I'm trying to take a little time each day to just sit on the patio to enjoy the lilacs (finally in bloom!) and the breeze, too.  It's a nice place to have coffee in the morning if it's warm enough, or iced tea in the late afternoon.  
Although I mostly just sit and watch the bunnies, birds and squirrels, I have embroidered a little more on poor  Abigail, who is likely to be mostly neglected until it rains or snows.   She puts on a brave face.  I learned about Abigail and her equally lovely Bag Lady friends from Barb at Three Cats Ranch.
I'm still sewing, although not as fast as I should be, given the size of my stash.   Little bags and key fobs, and another top that turned out well enough to wear (although my necklines are still wonky), with many more in the works!

I think that, like anything, it's just a matter of practice, so I plan to keep at it.  Hopefully I'll have lots more to share in the weeks to come.  All I need to do is overcome my lazy nature!  

Last night I ate my supper of roasted veggies, Michigan asparagus!, with a glass of red wine, looking out at the flowers on my patio, and thought about how lucky I am.  Life is good.  I hope it is good for you, too.  And that's not just the wine talking.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Wow - you've been busy!

I use the purse you gave me when I'm in Kentucky. It's the perfect size for when I run to Walmart or the antique booth. I think of you every time I use it. xo

Barbara said...

Your Bag Lady is looking fabulous! I missed this post while we were traveling. Busy lady!