Thursday, December 27, 2018

And So This Is Christmas

What a strange Christmas.   Not a bad Christmas, mind you, but stranger than any since I spent the holiday home alone as a teen with strep throat, hallucinating in an empty house while my family went to celebrate at a relative's house.  This year there was no tree, no gifts, no special food.   I didn't think to prepare for Christmas before the wedding and the stores were closing by the time I arrived home late on Christmas eve afternoon.     But I had 24 hours with my husband and, even if nothing about the time was memorable, nothing went wrong, either.  

We took our first married Christmas selfie:
But the  highpoint of our day, no kidding,  was when we opened one of the gift jars of jam from my bloggy friend Barb at Cat Patches.   The jar we chose by random was Amaretto Black Forest Jam and OMG it has chocolate in it!   It took us a minute to realize that was what we were tasting but oh yeah, we caught on pretty fast.   Once we had eaten half the jar at our first sitting and I had paused to breathe, I got on my laptop and grabbed the recipe from one of Barb's old posts.   Michigan is known for cherries, too, thank goodness, and now I know exactly what to do with them.   You can find Barb's blog post here.

And now, as they said in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou?, I have once again R-U-N-N-O-F-T from my husband and marriage and am back at my sister's house.   Today's mission is to pretend that I am not here, in order to see what she can do for herself and what she cannot.   I admit to feeling a little hurt that I am, again, the one who needs to step up to this, since I really do need a bit of time to cement my new marital status.   But her son is So Busy working and her daughter in law took the kids up to their second home for the week since the kids are off school . . . so there ya go.    And I do not mind helping, not a bit, as I have proven with every other family crisis.  And yup, for sure, I am aware that sickness and death and surgeries are all inconvenient for families.    But golly,  we are apparently the only ones who think that it might have been a courtesy for other people to sacrifice a bit so that these old newlyweds could have had more than 4 days together in the first 20 days of our marriage.   

Shake it off.   Nothing lasts forever,  and my sister gets better every day, thank goodness.   Jack and I talk several times a day and my son and his family send me sweet and supportive messages and photos from Paris, where they planned a year ago, long before this surgery or our wedding were scheduled, to spend the holiday.   We are all looking forward to New Year's Eve and our traditional Christmas fondue and, when that is done, Jack and I are looking forward to some lazy time together, just gathering our energy for the next stage of our adventure together in the coming year.  

Life is good.

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Barbara said...

Well, I’m so happy you enjoyed the jam. I love, love, love your selfie. You both look so happy. Here’s to a new year with a lot more time together.