Monday, December 31, 2018

Day 5 Of A # Week Marriage, Going On Forever

Sunday afternoon:   After ruffling some feathers and squeaking some wheels, I left my sister with, I hope, a plan for some extra help that isn't provided by me.    I am back with my shiny new husband and we are enjoying our 5th day together.   We are a long, long way from settled, since we both have our separate houses and most of our separate stuff is well ensconced in them, but even being able to finally spend most of the day, and the night, together is a huge step forward.  We are finally getting around to thank you notes and announcements to the people who might not know yet about our nuptials.   We still haven't celebrated Christmas with either of our families and I still haven't shopped, but just this day of together is good good good.

My son, daughter (in law) and grands are winging their way back from Paris, where they spent the Holidays.  I am preparing for our favorite Holiday tradition of the year, our New Year's chocolate fondue get together.   We have done this, with a few lapses, since my son was a little boy.  I can't wait!

And today was our first Dominoes game of the season.   Our 'young' friend, who is in his 30's but with the spirit and mind of a 12 year old, was excited to have the games begin again, and so were we. He won the vast majority of the games tonight but for once I was able to actually take a few points,  far fewer than our friend but a few more than Jack did for a change.  

And now it is Monday morning already:  The end of the year is flying by and, like the rest of the year, will probably go by in a blur.    It is time to put the turkey breast into the crock pot, clean those fruits and veggies, get home to my Saginaw house to straighten up a bit and and prepare to celebrate once again.  It will be another busy day.    I hope this last day of 2018 will be peaceful and happy for all of you.   By the time I blog again, the year will be over and we will all be celebrating another new beginning.  


Barbara said...

Sounds wonderful, Happy New Year, Gail...and many more to come.

Marie Louise said...

A very happy new year and all the best wishes for the both of you.
I guess this will be a year full of decisionmaking, to sell your houses, to decide were you are going to live and then the decision of what to get rid off and what may stay.
I am just as old (or young) as you and I am baffled about the amount of stuff I have collected in my life and I think everybody of our age feels the same about that.
I hope your sister is improving every day and that you and your husband have more time for eachother soon.

gpc said...

@MarieLouise, you are absolutely correct about it being a year of decisions, which I am frankly not generally good at! If I were, I guess, my house would already have been purged of the many things I do not want and do not need -- but do not really notice until it is time to move! As you say, it is baffling!

Thank you, yes, my sister continues to improve. She has more pain than I wish and her progress is somewhat compromised by her lupus, but she is working hard at becoming independent again. We have arranged for daily visitors and some household help but hope she won't need my live-in help again, which will be a nice treat -- for her as well as for us, I imagine!