Saturday, December 28, 2019

Christmas Week

It has been another busy week, but mostly lovely.  My trees are still up and I am still enjoying them.  One little tree in the guest room, one in the entry way, the larger one in the living room, and a small ceramic tree by the downstairs fireplace.  But the presents have been distributed and company is tapering off.

On Thursday, my son's family came over for a Christmas brunch.  We had a variety of meats and cheeses and pastries, both cold and warm, and enjoyed each other's company.  I am always sorry to see them go, it is never enough time for me.  My grandson interviewed all of us for his upcoming science fair project, and he and his sister played around with their new ukuleles.  I do hope they have some fun with those!  

While we were visiting, a couple who have been Jack's friends for more than 30 years (and mine for about 7) stopped by with an unexpected housewarming gift -- this metal "H" is quite large, 28" square,"  and we are still trying to decide exactly where it should be displayed.   It is not our usual style -- a bit showy for us -- but we will find a place for it.  And for the lovely Belleek blessing wreath that Jack's sister and brother in law brought back from Ireland, also something we would not have bought for ourselves.  It is fun to see our house shaping up, with bits of each of us and the people we love.

Yesterday was the gathering of my Michigan family; my sister and brother, my son's and nephew's families.   Although we were in daily contact when our kids were small, now we get together as a group pretty rarely, only a few times a year, so this annual gathering is always a treat.  My brother spent the night last night and I was grateful for that.  He lives about an hour and a half north of us, and yesterday's family gathering was a little more than two hours south, so he drove to our house and he and Jack and I drove to my nephew's house together.  I drove our new Tesla, a trip that included a stop at a Supercharger, and managed to get us there and back with all of us, including the car, intact.   It was late when we returned home and we were all tired, so my usually stubborn brother gave in and agreed to sleep over. He is not well, otherwise I am certain he would have pushed himself on.   Now it is 6:30 a.m. and both he and my husband are still soundly sleeping, giving me a few minutes to myself, sitting under a quilt, blogging by the light of the tree and the fire.

Now that our schedule should be slowing down a bit, maybe I will find time to sew the gifts I had intended to make this year, and put them aside for next.  More likely, if I get them sewn at all, I will give them away instead of waiting.  

I love the holidays, but I admit I am ready to have a less cluttered house and a lot less cooking for a little while!   Just a short breather, before our annual New Year's Even chocolate fondue!   I hope your holidays were peaceful and bright.  :)

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Barbara said...

It all sounds lovely. Often at Christmas I find myself wishing for a larger family, but what I really want is to have more time with the ones who have passed on. I used to have one of those ceramic Christmas trees. My grandmother made it. One year something of it got broken Can’t remember whether it was the tree or the base, but it couldn’t be repaired, and the remainder was rendered useless as well. I miss having it, and yours brought back memories. Happy New Year. Relax now until next year.