Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Crazy, Continued

It's been another crazy week.   My husband's birthday was last Sunday, and since I knew I would be busy that day, I carefully (or semi carefully) scheduled all the necessary tasks and chores around his little celebration.  The morning before his birthday, however, he got a text -- which he eventually shared with me -- saying that his daughter had decided to drive to Michigan to visit and the share his birthday and that, hurray, she would arrive at 1:30 am!  My husband was delighted and so was I, truth be told, but I had to work a little to push the long list of to-dos out of my head!    We had a lovely day.  I made puff pastries in the morning, we had Facetime with his family and his twin sister, went see Star Wars together at his request, and then we finished off the day with dinner with all his kids and a couple that he has know for probably 30 years.   A good day for all of us.  But for sure we had stayed up too late the night before, and my semi-careful task list was already beginning to erode.

My husband had ordered a new car several weeks ago and he got 3 texts that afternoon, one announcing the the car would be delivered on December 28th, one announcing that it arrive a little later, and one announcing that additional information would be forthcoming.  A fun text to get on his birthday, even if a little confusing!

The next day was the day we had chosen to celebrate Christmas with his kids.  His daughter's gifts, of course, had already been mailed to her in Washington D.C, so we were empty-handed for her.   Some of the gifts for the others had arrived and some had not, but no problem, we are not gift-focused people.  My husband, his daughter and I were just getting started cooking and getting ready for the other siblings when my husband got a text that his new car was being delivered . . . now, in just a few minutes.    His daughter and I went outside with him and sure enough, we could see the car carrier just down the street.  Quite a bit down the street, in fact -- the driver later told me that he could not park by our house before the trees were too low.

What excitement!   We spent a few minutes checking off the checklist and figuring our how to work this new contraption, and then we drove around the block, waving while my step-daughter filmed us and apparently posted it on Instagram!

Amid all the excitement, my husband's other kids and daughter in law arrived, and we enjoyed the first minutes together admiring the car and beginning to assemble the meal.   At some point, out of my presence, one member of the family took offense at something that had been said.   He stormed out of the house and did not return.   The remaining members tried to figure out what had gone wrong, with each of them saying to me at some point in the day, "Maybe it was my fault . . ."   Eventually, though, since he did not answer our calls or texts, and since there was no consensus on what had been so offensive, we carried on with a lovely dinner, fun gifts, and hours of board games and laughter before we called it a night.

Today is Christmas Eve.   The new car is not insured until the 26th since the earliest it should have arrived was the 28th.  The offended family member is still offended.   But I made banana bread, and although I did it all wrong, it tastes pretty darn good.   I didn't realize until house later when I opened the microwave that I forgot to add the melted butter to the batter!  

I also got a few errands finally done and got my monthly - rarely monthly any more - pedicure.   It feels so good.  At the moment, my husband's daughter is visiting with friends, my husband is asleep in the chair beside me in front of the fire, and I have had the space of time needed to finish a gift for him to open tomorrow -- a lovely pen wrap for his endless collection of fountain pens, and maybe something to prevent ink stains in his shirt pockets going forward.

Not a creature is stirring, and I couldn't be happier.   I hope it is peaceful and pleasant in your life, whatever you are celebrating and wherever you are doing it.

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Barbara said...

Well, this sounds hectic and delightful. The pissy family member...sounds like something that would have gone on in my family of origin...thankfully, rare in my family of creation. The pen wrap is lovely. I’ve done that with recipes a time or two. I can recall making a pumpkin spice bundt cake. It had five different spices...cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and something else. I carefully measured it all out and had it in a little custard cup on the counter. Made the cake, poured it into the bundt pan, put it in the oven, then noticed all the spices still sitting on the counter. I grabbed it out of the oven, put the batter back in the bowl, added the spices, and then did it all again. Saved, but a close call.