Friday, February 14, 2020


Now that I am allowed to turn the pages of a book and type with both hands for brief periods every day (both more challenging than they sound!), I might as well blog.   I am paying for these small efforts at night, and sleep is becoming more of problem  since I am avoiding even over-the-counter pain medications, but that was expected.  I will undoubtedly need ibuprofen, at least, once physical therapy begins in a month, so I don't want to build up a tolerance to it now.

I reviewed the notes from my last doctor's appointment and see that the Physician's Assistant reported that he went over the surgical photos with me.  He did not, so that is something I will ask for next time.  He did list the motions that are allowed and I was grateful for that.  I want to do as much as I can to keep my lower arm muscles toned, without risking damage to the bicep and shoulder areas.  Boring, I know; My own discomforts take up most of my thoughts lately, but I will try not to go on about it forever.

We have had a couple of visits from a young deer this week, and we hope he will stop in regularly.  We are pretty sure he is a young male since he is solitary; and he is young, so perhaps he is one of the little fawns that were seen nearby last spring.  He has visited in full sunlight and is not worried about being seen, also a foolish youthful quality, and on his second visit he went out through our gate toward the street, so I will worry about him.  My husband points out that the deer are out front most every night, but I don't want them approaching danger through MY gate!  He has been eating our ground cover, so I will try to identify it this spring and make sure we add plantings as necessary.    The night temperatures are below zero, and it was only 2 degrees (c) when I woke up today, so we want to help our critter population any way we can.  So far the deer has ignored the corn and peanuts and apple bits and seed in the bird and squirrel feeders, so we are pretty sure he isn't starving
Enough typing for today - time to do more of the dreaded straight arm moves and bicep curls (modified) and get back into the miserable comfort of the sling.   

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Barbara said...

It sounds like you’re making progress in your recovery, but I’m well aware it is a long road. You’ll get there. In the meantime, your little friend will keep you company.