Sunday, February 9, 2020

Update: Two Weeks and Counting

I am two weeks post op. Now for the first time, I get to take my brace off for a little bit each day to straighten my arm and do modified bicep curls. They aren’t easy, even though they look like the simplest thing in the world. Best of all, I got to take a shower this weekend and wash my hair. What a luxury, even doing it one-handed! Even though my surgical arm still wakes me and often keeps me up at night, at least now I smell better.   :)  It’s the little things. 

I'm still sleeping in a recliner by the fire.   Trying to lie down on our bed is out of the question at this point, even though the recliner is not getting rave reviews for comfort.  It has been nice to be able to watch the full moon rising through the skylight this week, especially after a long stretch of overcast weather.

I will continue to wear the brace for another full month, except for the exercises a couple times a day. At the end of the month they will let me take the sling off and allow me to move my arm in any direction I want, although they laughed when they said that because I won’t be able to move it in any direction I want, I’ll just be allowed to try. 

After the sling is off, I will begin my first month of physical therapy to regain my range of motion.  If that goes well, I will take another month or more to build up some strength.   I will not be discharged from the surgeon's care for at least a year and, by then, he hopes I will have 85% of my pre-injury ability back.  I am aware - my surgeon constantly reminds me -  that at every point of progress the pain will start again and I’ll need to work to build past it all over again, but it feels good to be making some tiny bit of progress.   I try not to be discouraged by the pain for that reason.

Jack is cooking for me, and doing a good job, but he has sort of reached a wall and now we are getting carry out fast food as often as not, with frozen pot pie’s and canned soup in between.  Not the menu of my dreams, but I'll keep that to myself.     Besides, he mades a nice breakfast, which sets the  day off right.  And lucky for me, I don’t have much of an appetite right now, as I am still resting much of the day.  I think, as time goes on, boredom is going to be a bigger problem than anything else, since it is cold and icy outside and all my hobbies seem to require the use of my dominant arm.  As I knew from the start, this is a marathon and not a race, so I need to be as patient as I can and keep reminding myself how lucky I am.

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