Thursday, April 23, 2020

Safe At Home

Jack and I continue to stay in, respecting the Michigan Governor’s recommendations to quarantine as the infection and death counts continue to climb as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.    We were invited to a FaceTime “concert” last night, to hear my Grands play a duet of “Circle of Life” that they intend to post to YouTube.   It was the first time I had seen them and my son and daughter in law in months, and was very emotional for me.   I loved hearing the music, but even more I just wanted to drink them in with my eyes.   

Except for the ache of not seeing and being able to hug and spend time with my family, our life here goes on pretty much as normal.  We are not eating out, and I view that as a positive change; I have always been happy to cook.   This week we enjoyed a particularly delicious navy bean soup with ham (made in the Instant Pot that my family bought us for Christmas a couple years ago), a multi-grain and seed loaf of bread, and sheet pan pancakes, among other things.  We will not have lost any weight when the quarantine is over!

I love these overnight, no knead, no work breads, especially since these days our local groceries often run out of the breads we regularly use.   This particular change in our eating habits might be permanent!

I have finally started to sew again, in addition to masks and scrub hats.   Mostly I am using the ridiculously expensive embroidery machine that Jack bought almost three years ago, shortly before his strokes, a Babylock Solaris.   I was in the market for a straight-stitching sewing machine, because of my interest in quilting.  I had never been interested in the least in machine embroidery, but he was much taken with the idea and he decided that I should be, too.   The machine was on order when he went to the hospital.  We had no plans to marry at that time, but he roused himself in the ICU to insist that I ask his daughter to pick the machine up from the dealer so that I could start using it right away.  He was afraid he might die without getting the machine from the dealer and he wanted me to have it.  I felt quite awkward about the idea that he was spending such a large amount of money (and energy) just for my use, so the machine sat for about six months in his basement while I nursed him back to health.  As he recovered, he pressed me to take it out of the box, and then I felt obligated to use it since it was so important to him, but I only used it at his house.  Of course now it is in our marital home so obviously a lot has changed since then.   I never did buy my own basic machine and now we don't have room for one! This week I am using the Solaris to make house squares, all embroidery designs from  the Australian company, Sweet Pea.    Since I knew nothing about machine embroidery, when I discovered Sweet Pea I stuck with them, and almost all of my work is done with their designs.   I am not sure what I will make in the end, but a "Stay Home Stay Safe" theme made sense to me, so for now I am just creating the squares.  This event will certainly have lasting power in the memories of my Grandchildren, so a blanket throw or table runner seems in order to commemorate it.

In an odd twist, it seems we are learning more about our neighbors in this  time of isolation than we knew when people were free to mingle.  People are posting their special events and asking passers by to honk their horns.  When we see such a sign nearby, Jack goes out and plays his bagpipes if the weather allows, whether they want him or not.  Today we learned that the young man across the street is named Kyle, and that he is turning 16.    He was kind of embarrassed at the pipe serenade, but his parents were thrilled!

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Barbara said...

That sounds like a fun way to meet your neighbors. Our neighbors are too far away for that kind of stuff, and we rarely see anyone on our hill...which, by the way, is fine by me. Your bread looks amazing! I’m getting ready to make another loaf. I’ll probably start it tonight. I’m with you no-knead is the way to go.