Monday, April 27, 2020

Time To Bloom

We are discovering new blooming things in our yard every day.   I have no idea what most of them are, but I enjoy finding them.   We have two small bushes in bloom -- calling them bushes is an over-statement since each is really just a couple of sticks.   Berries of some kind, maybe?

We have a couple of forsythia bushes, which is a nice surprise.   They are pretty ordinary the rest of the year, but so pretty in the spring!

I found a single tulip bloom, and had earlier seen a single daffodil  -- since no one plants just one daffodil or one tulip, I am guessing the squirrels must have been responsible for the limited landscaping with bulbs.

We have several kinds of flowering ground cover.  Periwinkle, squill (I am told) and some very common but unknown variety.

And we have a flowering tree -- again, I have no idea what it is, but I am happy to see it!

The blooms are especially welcome this year because our back area is still extremely drab.  The woodland critters blend in nicely, and I find the view calming, but the colors certainly do nothing to lift the spirit!

My embroidery blocks continue to stack up.   I am enjoying the machine embroidery because it doesn't tax my sore arm the way that using the regular sewing machine does.   I have 21 of the larger blocks (6"x10") finished, and seven of the smaller (6"x6") blocks.  I have a few more house design patterns that I want to create.  Eventually I will need to lay them out and decide what to do with them -- at this point, I am still leaning toward a throw-sized quilt for each of my grands, and perhaps a table runner for us.    I am trying to embroider three blocks a day, with time off for good behavior, so it will be a week or more before I am ready to make any decisions.   I am glad to be getting some small bits of work done again!

I learned today that my physical therapy place has closed, gone out of business, another victim of Covid-19.  I feel bad that I wasn't able to support them and keep them afloat, but I am sure they are not the only local business that will not survive this time.   I am supposed to visit my surgeon next week and I am curious to hear whether they will want me to come at all.  I will wait a few days before I call them, but at this point I don't think the check up visit is worth the risk, however limited that risk is.

Our State Governor announced measures today to limit and monitor the reopening of some businesses during the pandemic, starting this week.   Her briefing was very detailed and explained the data they are using to watch for indications that we are moving too quickly or too slowly.   I was happy to hear it, because it is evident to the casual observer that too many people -- eager for what they claim is their "freedom" -- are already moving too quickly to gather again.  Jack drove by the ice cream store yesterday, thinking about getting a curbside pick up, and saw that the parking lot and porch were overflowing with people.   It seems unlikely that they were all from one household.   I, for one, would rather not die of this.   Since I believe it got out of hand in the first place partly because of bad government, and since I did not vote for that bad government,  I would resent paying the ultimate price for stupidity.

Meanwhile, I am happy at home, discovering the unexplored landscape of my own back yard.


Marie Louise said...

I remember when we moved to our new house in jan 2001 how surprised we were to see the flowers in the garden in the spring of that year. All of the flowers were in a kind of pink shade, beautiful.
I love the embroideries you made and think they will be a cheerful quilt, once you sew them together.
The hospitals here are slowing starting to resume their 'normal' practice, since there has been no covid contamination for more than a week, but everybody is still asked to practice social distancing and most people obey that rule.

Barbara said...

What a lot of fun stuff you’re discovering in your garden. I think your one blooming tree might be a cherry tree. It’s hard to see in the image, but it appears the tree has a smooth bark, an that would be a cherry tree. It has smooth bark with horizontal lines...not a good description, but the best I can do. I’m so in agreement with you about opening too soon. Geez. People really are taking terrible risks, and “freedom” has nothing to do with it.