Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Getting Away

I disengaged my Facebook and Twitter accounts this week.   It was a surprisingly difficult decision and I am already missing social media a surprising amount.  Facebook, especially, is where I keep up with cousins and friends who I have not seen in person for years, and even my children post photos  and milestones there that I would not otherwise see.   But the political postings were making me crazy, especially seeing people I know post things that seem to me objectively false and yes, I'll say it, stupid, was taking the fun out of it.  I would have had no idea, absent Facebook, that so many people I know are Trump supporters who support things that are anathema to me; I will never look at them the same again, and it is hard for me to figure at this point whether that is good riddance or a sad loss.  And the final straw was when a random stranger, apparently a "Facebook friend" of an actual friend, told me I was a c--t and should shoot myself after I "liked" my friend's political content.  That is not the kind of social life, virtual or otherwise, that I am willing to accept into my life.  And so the withdrawal begins.

It is chilly again this week, going into the 30s and 40s at night and into the 60s or low 70s during the day.  We are already talking about adding another blanket to our bed, something my husband resists more strenuously than I do since I am always cold anyway.   Our house is surrounded by oak trees and the acorns are falling, the rat-a-tat-tat of them falling on our roof increasing every day.  And the deer are grazing up closer to the house again, perhaps drawn by the acorns.


Traditionally this time of year, with the children back in school and teachers back at work, signals a slowing down of travel and fewer crowds in tourist areas, so we decided to drive a couple hours west to Lake Michigan for a few days.   We have often stayed at the old Stearns Hotel in Ludington, simple accommodations in the first hotel built in the area in 1903, and recently found out that they have rooms equipped with a kitchenette,  (gas) fireplace and sitting area in case we need to keep entirely to ourselves.  I packed a bag of fruit and cheese and wine, and cereal bars for morning, to tide us over until we figure out whether we can find outdoor dining or whether we need to find a market for food.  Some people hate the hotel because it is old and a bit shabby, but it is clean and we love the high ceilings and plaster details.  


Although the weather is too cold to really enjoy the beach today, the lake has a calming effect on me, and I hope to drink it in with my eyes until it smooths out the wrinkles in my mind.

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Barbara said...

Sounds like a nice getaway. Smart to figure out the dining situation and plan for it. We have only been dining at outdoor venues. We had to eat indoors once (although we should have just left) when we found the outdoor venue closed. (Kind of weird. Still don’t know why.) We were so uncomfortable about it that we vowed not to do it again. Fortunately, we didn’t get sick, and that was at least a couple of months ago. I totally understand your feelings about Facebook. I’ve actually deleted my account twice in the years I’ve been online. But then I go back for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. I just miss the people with whom I keep in touch there. I’ve removed myself from certain groups and news outlets when I see things turn nasty, but it somehow creeps back in over time. Also, I resist commenting on things, but sometimes give in to the urge. Almost always I wish I’d stayed out of it because the venom spewed is astonishingly hostile. Anyway...I don’t blame you. We can only hope for less divisive times again, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to put that genie back in the bottle.