Saturday, October 10, 2020

And The Beat Goes On

Maybe it was the news of the expected baby, maybe it was the cooler weather, I don't know.  But something seems to have given me a little bit of 'oomph' this week, at least for a couple of days.   I made two little quilt tops, about 40" square, a size that I really should be able to quilt myself on my home machine.  But, contrary as usual, I decided that I Just Don't Want To, and I sent them out to be quilted instead.  I suddenly have a dozen ideas for quilt tops that I would like to get done this year. I loved making these small ones that were finished in a day or two.  I've started on my next one, the same design as the blue and green quilt because I have uncovered several charm packs that I've accumulated over the years with no clear purpose.  It will be finished tonight or tomorrow.   I am still working from fabrics in my stash, although I had to pick up border material for the ones I made this week because, although I have boxes of material, I don't have a lot of yardage.  We'll see how long this small burst of energy lasts, hopefully long enough to get a couple more done and whittle down that scrap pile!  I have suddenly relaxed into making things that are super simple, which takes the pressure off.   I have in mind a few others that are almost too easy to justify doing, but I think I will do them anyway.    If I don't care for them when they are finished, I don't have to keep them, after all.  There are lots of places where the warmth of the quilt is more important than my opinion of the design.  But I have to admit, I like these first ones.  Jack likes the star best and it is a very simple pattern so I'm happy to make more, but I need to find or purchase some background material first.

I told my husband that, according to the internet,  his new grandchild is about the size of a strawberry this week.  That charmed him and his daughter, so I sewed up a couple of masks for her with strawberry fabric and we put them in the mail.  I am glad to see him start to relax and have fun with the idea of a new baby coming into our life.


I've been told that my grandson has a girlfriend, and was warned Not to bring it up with him, which is not going to be a problem since I haven't talked to him in weeks.  Those exciting teen age years!    First loves, first heartbreaks, so many milestones.   I miss those kids so darn much.

My sister is still ill, but they have discharged her again from the hospital.   They ran a million tests and told her they were going to run a million more but then, with little notice, they sent her home instead.  She is still suffering from lots of very unpleasant symptoms, as well as pain.  No one seems to know how things will progress from here.   I understand that these terrible, drawn out effects from Covid-19 are relatively rare, but they are frightening when they happen, and even more frightening when they happen to someone you love.  I feel terrible for her.   She is glad to be home, and we are all hoping that the quiet and comfort of being in her own place will help her truly recover.


Barbara said...

You’ve discovered the joys of small quilts. I love them for being so quick to finish, and they are good practice for free motion quilting...only if you want to, of course. It’s supposed to be fun, right? So sorry about your sister. I’ve read how some folks feel ill for a long time. Hoping she’ll get through this soon.

Marie Louise said...

What happened to the lazy woman? You seem te be very busy. I love the quilts. The smaller ones are nice practice pieces for free motion quilting, if you are up to it.
I hope your sister is comfortable at home. There is nothing worse than been ill and not knowing what the exact cause is.
I just read the comment above from Barbara about freemotion quilting,apparently we are like minded persons.