Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fall Colors

Colors of all sorts are on my mind this week.  First, since the leaves in our back yard have begun to change color in earnest, Jack and I invited our favorite photographer over to take our pictures again.  Karen has lost so much business this year during the  pandemic because her main income is from wedding photography and large events have been banned all year.  So we decided to at least have her do our photos a couple of times which is, of course, a drop in the bucket but, we figured, better than nothing.  If all her friends chip in a little, maybe it will make enough of a difference to matter.  I am saving our favorite shots for a possible Christmas card, but here is a little sneak preview.   We sure have gotten shaggy this year!  One would never guess from the look of us that it was not all that long ago that Jack worked as a Chemical Engineer and I as an attorney, both for conservative employers.  I confess, I kind of like this throwback to my hippie days!

I finished my Quarantine Quilts for the grands and sent them off to be quilted, but I was in a hurry and made a series of errors.  One big error was that I submitted both identically sized quilts in the same order.  The quilts were returned today and I discovered that somehow I must have mixed up the order numbers, because I ended up with the wrong backing on the wrong quilt.   Since both quilt backs are cuddle material, and both colors are pretty neutral, that might not seem like a major life event, but I am a little sick about it -- Renée just re-did her bedroom in cream colors, so the cream backing was supposed to be on her quilt, but it ended up on Joseph's quilt instead.   Joseph's backing was supposed to be gray, but the gray backing ended up on Renée's quilt.  So frustrating.  Although the quilts are very, very similar, Renée's has just a little sparkle and a little bit of French language, since that is what she is studying, while Joseph's lacks the sparkle and has a bit of Spanish.  And each quilt has borders of their respective high school colors.  So I can't just switch the recipients.   I expect to get them both bound and wrapped this week.   That shouldn't take long because I intend to machine-sew the bindings instead of hand sewing them;  I want them sturdy enough to wash frequently since I hope they will be well used.  After that, I have until Christmas to convince myself that my error won't spoil the gifts because there is nothing I can do about it.  I hope the kids still like them, despite the less than idea color choices.  They are both well mannered and would not purposely hurt my feelings for the world, and I know that they will act pleased by the quilts, but I  hope that deep in their hearts they aren't wondering how I got it so wrong!


I also got another little star quilt finished.


I hung a few pictures on our walls this weekend.  Hanging things is a job that Jack claimed for himself and he has been reluctant to give it over to me, even though his last few attempts have been just a bit off because of his defective vision. As a result, most of our walls are still bare, well into our second year here.   I've held my tongue and have not changed the things he put up, but today he was busy raking leaves and told me to go ahead and hang the things I had set out.   I don't know whether he is aware that his attempts haven't been up to his usual standards or not, but I was glad to be able to do it myself without having to say why.

I have undoubtedly said this before, but Jack functions so well that I forget sometimes how much of his vision was affected.  He has never complained in the three years since his strokes, but he once mentioned that my face in the hospital room was the last thing he saw clearly before the strokes occurred.  I know that I would not handle such a loss with such grace.

The election is just over two weeks away.  I have voted and I am trying to stay out of the news cycle as much as I can.   We are not seeing people so there is no one to influence, we've put up our signs and offered ourselves as volunteers (an offer that has so far not been responded to), and there is really nothing else that I can do.   It will be a long, anxious couple of weeks, even so.

I discovered a blog this week that lists, under a tab labeled Gratitude,  things that the author is grateful for.  Not every day, not any specific number, just small things, which she calls 'serendipities."  I need reminding these days that, despite things out of my control that sometimes make me anxious, life is good, and so I am hoping that I will incorporate her idea in my posts from now on.  It helps, sometimes, to stop and remind myself how fortunate I am.

Today I am grateful:

1. That I completed the "quarantine" quilts when I did, in time to have them quilted before the Christmas rush at longarm shops, because my embroidery machine is back in the shop and I am not sure I would be able to get them done in time now. 

2. For the luxury of having more than enough to eat.

3. For our continued good health.

4. For cozy evenings next to my husband, with a glass of wine by the fire.


Barbara said...

Those are all simple blessings, for sure. I love the photo of the two of you. Too bad about the quilts, but I’m betting neither recipient will care. They’ll love that you went to the effort to make quilts for them. I still have the quilt my grandmother made for me when I was about 10. It is precious.

Marie Louise said...

What a nice pictures! I love your hair, the color is so nice compared with my drab grey and Wim is looking jealously at Jack's head. He can only dream about the amount of hair your husband has.
I am sure your grandchildren will not even notice the back of the quilt you made for them so don't fret about it.
Some times when we are driving we conclude that we only make negative remarks about everything we see and then we challenge eachother just to say positive things. It is a kind of reset for your mind and I find it sometimes rather difficult but in the end your mood improves a lot.
I keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome for the election but fear what will come if people do not agree with it.