Monday, September 22, 2008

The Verdict

Tonight was The Night. Sliced, drizzled with evoo, roasted for a long, slow time until they started to caramelize. I only netted about half a cup of tomato/tomatillo mix, and added a bit of frozen pesto, something I make whenever basil is plentiful and keep on hand for all sorts of uses. Finally, I tossed them with (more or less) an equal amount of whole grain pasta --

It was only a taste, my tomatillo tapa. The tomatillos were bright tasting, almost lemony. As much as I could tell from two bites, they're pretty good. I can imagine dicing them and tossing them in with whatever was on hand to add a little zip to almost anything. Hopefully my plant will make a few more for me before the season is over so that I can play some more!