Friday, July 3, 2009

States of mind

Since the digital conversion, I have no television and now that my DVD player has broken, I'm forced to find amusement wherever it surfaces.The other day I saw this idea on Little Black Scrap Cat and the White House; the idea is to put an 'X' next to every state you've visited, and an 'O' by states where you've lived.

I don't think so but I'd love to see the coast!
Alaska ---X- and I want to go back. The bits I saw were amazing. Words can't describe how beautiful it is, or how many amazing things there are to see. I especially want to see more tidal pools, where the anemones, sea stars and jellies are enormous and the water is clear as glass. (and I am NOT saying a word about the governor resigning! it's too pretty a place to connect with politics.)
Arizona --XXX- My family traveled the western states a few times when I was a child. I would appreciate it more now -- especially in a car with air conditioning, which we didn't have back then! I was terrified of the Grand Canyon -- there were no fences or railings, and the depth of it was dizzying
Arkansas - not that I remember. Would I remember?
California - XXX- I've been to LA, San Francisco, and Crescent City (the most northern city and the only one on the mainland that was once wiped out by a tidal wave)
Colorado -XX- I've been to Boulder a couple times, it is a homey place but I'm not sure I would have ever outgrown college if I stayed there too long
Connecticut - I would love to go to Connecticut, it's on my list. When I was an undergrad, we had a guy from Connecticut and, whenever he tried to call home collect, the operator would say, "and what state is that in?"
Delaware - Nope. Might as well add it to my Connecticut list since they're both so tiny!
District of Columbia -XXX- My family went to DC when I was in high school, my first flight! It is awfully impressive. I've been twice since. It is an amazing place, even aside from the amazing museums.
Florida -XXXXXX XXX (lost count)- Oh Sanibel! I've been a few other places, but Sanibel is where my heart is.
Georgia -X -Drove through a few times. Stopped for pecans once, and once at a diner.
Hawaii - As if. The formerly Hawaiian Farmer Files is as close as I'll probably ever get!
Idaho - I've been to Yellowstone National Park a few times, and it dips into 3 states, but I'm not sure anymore how much of the Idaho part we saw. What I DO remember is how many wild animals there were in those days. We saw 96 bears in 3 days on one trip, and 3 grizzleys tore up our neighbors camp site. Hundreds of bison and elk and other critters.
Illinois -X- Chicago, of course
Indiana -X- Drove through
Iowa -X-Drove through
Kansas -X-Drove through as a kid, don't remember a thing
Kentucky -X- I've been to the Caves and coveted the horse farms
Louisiana -XXXXXX- Oh yeah, been there and then some, and sure to go back - stayed for over two months, but I wouldn't call it 'living' there.
Maine -X-Bar Harbour whale watching trip with my sister and (then) teen-aged daughter
Maryland - not yet
Massachusetts -XOXX- I lived there for a few months right before my father died, and went back a couple times.
Michigan -XO- Lived here my entire life, although I didn't mean to. From childhood, it was my plan to travel and live a variety of places. Now that my grandchildren are here, it has a greater hold on me, though.
Minnesota -X- drove through. When I was little, my mother would pack a bag when she was frustrated with us kids, announce that she was going to Minnesota, and walk out the door until the little ones (me for a long time) were hysterical enough to convince her to stay. I was shocked when I learned YEARS later that there really was such a place!
Mississippi - nope
Missouri - Drove through as a kid, don't remember a thing (does that count?). Might have been asleep!
Montana -X- awed by the wide open spaces and by Glacier National Park. My sister and I threw snowballs in July on one of the mountain passes
Nebraska -X- drove through, mostly slept through, as a kid
Nevada -X- saw Las Vegas as as 12 year old. My sister and I had to stand on the sidewalk while our parents went into a casino because we weren't allowed inside. It was 100 degrees in the shad, but that sidewalk was about 70 degrees because of the blasting air conditioning through the open door. And there was a slot machine in the ladies room at the gas station.
New Hampshire - no
New Jersey - no
New Mexico -X- we 'discovered' some cave dwellings - they are a museum now, but were just out in the open back then. My sister and I climbed up into one of the caves and were able to see the sooted walls and markings. It seemed to me a very holy place.
New York -X- I visited my daughter there a few times, and went once with Dr. Cranky. There's a whole lot more there that I haven't seen.
North Carolina - no
North Dakota -X- my family drove through during a drought, where 4-year old children had never seen more than a dishpan of water and where the road was so hot my mom got 4 flat tires all at once.
Ohio -XXX- drove through several times, and I spent an entire day in the airforce museum in Dayton.
Oklahoma -X-Drove through as a kid, don't remember a thing.
Oregon -X-Drove the beautiful coastline, found my first sand dollars, saw my first tidal pools, spent a night in a motel right on the ocean in Yachats. Absolutely gorgeous.
Pennsylvania -X- Drove through. Nearly fell asleep many times on the legendary Pennsylvania turnpike.
Rhode Island - Another place I need to get to. So much history in those little states.
South Carolina - no
South Dakota -X- Mount Rushmore, Lewis & Clark park, the Badlands - heard wolves howling at night and saw a million prairie dogs. My (then little) sister insisted on wearing flip flops and stepped on a cactus. She still hasn't gotten over it.
Tennessee -X- drove through
Texas -X- There were frogs in the motel swimming pool in Amarillo. Chlorine does not agree with them, and the motel was not good about cleaning them out. Ugh.
Utah - X - drove through a bit of it
Vermont -X-
Virginia -X- Ah yes, one of the loves of my life lived there and I spent time at his family home.
Washington -X-
West Virginia -X-
Wisconsin -
Wyoming -X- Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, amazing places that I still vividly recall even though I was a child when I was there. The stars were amazing and we saw a million critters.

I can see that too many of my Xs barely count as 'being there,' and lots more are older than dirt. I need to get out more! Daylight's burning.

P.S Snowbird, the answer is a NERVOUS WRECK! Hahahahah.


Snowbird said...

I was going to do this meme but would you believe I have been in every one except Alaska.

Ok, I'm confused about the nervous wreck. What did I miss?

gpc said...

Very impressive, and all the more reason to get to alaska! You've been so many places, you could have done the shortest meme on record --

You 'gave up' on my laffy taffy riddle . . . this was the answer! (clearly I am the ONLY laffy taffy riddle fan still standing!)

Snowbird said...

Oh, now I get it!!! Funny! And you're right, you must be the only Laffy Taffy fan because I'm not sure I've ever seen them.

The Farmer Files said...

LOL you crack me up. I am going to make you want to visit San Diego! Just give me a few months!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Gail, you have a very impressive "where've you been" list. And, yes, on any return trip to Arizona I highly recommend a car with AC. We're cracking 110 today!!! A far cry from the 80 degrees I just left in Kalispell, Montana (near GNP).