Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's one thing to BE a grandmother, which I love, it's an entirely different thing to FEEL like a grandmother --

Some time ago I set up accounts on Twitter and Facebook so that I could view some video I'd been sent. Then I forgot about them. But this week I got an email request from someone asking if he could be my Facebook friend -- who even knew I was so exclusive?! That led me to open up my Facebook account because gosh, now there was somebody who might actually look at my page and I should really tidy it up. When I got there, I discovered to my horror that I AM MY GRANDMOTHER and soooooo in over my head that it was unsettling. I wrote several profiles, only to lose them all, and have no idea how to add things I've seen on other (younger, cooler) pages.

And I haven't even dared look back into Twitter.

As my grandma used to say, when did the world start to spin so fast?

Add this to the list of things to master in my elusive spare time.