Thursday, October 14, 2010

Counting down

One of my cyber-friends, Janne, gave me the idea (and the inspiration) to make a list of things to do  (in no particular order) in the year before my birthday.    Since I will be 61 next month, I will need to list 61 things to do before I am 62.   Seriously, Janne???   I am sure I could have made a more profound list, but this one has the virtue of being done quickly, off the top of my head.    I don't move as fast as I used to, so I am giving myself a head start by beginning a month (or so) early, because 61 items amounts to a LOT of tasks!    By the time I am 62, in 2011, I will (leaving myself the option of revision and modification):
  1. Make bread at least once a month during the cold weather (I have a loaf rising right now!).
  2. Host at least 4 giveaways on my blog (watch for them!).
  3. Take my grandchildren shelling. 
  4. Clean the garage.
  5. Make business cards.  I have no excuse not to, a former co-worker gave me the card-stock for my printer.
  6. Give myself a birthday present (on at least one of the two birthdays) by doing something fun that feels a little extravagant.
  7. Go to Sanibel at least twice (this item is sort of cheating because I have two trips planned and paid for . . . but of course I am really hoping to get there at least three times!)     I have not been there since last December, and this is the longest stretch between trips that I've had in the past ten years.     Sigh.
  8. Make something to give a few people for Christmas, probably something baked.
  9. Take a Florida side trip to search for sharks' teeth. 
  10. Write more letters.
  11. Master the first few levels of skill in target shooting.   If I could afford it, I'd like to shoot at least twice a month.  Honestly, I would shoot every day if I really could afford it.   It would be cheaper if I owned a gun and didn't have to rent one, but I don't want a gun in the house, and haven't figured out any other way to make this a less expensive hobby.
  12. Make dinner for the kids at least once a week. 
  13. Make them at least one freezable dinner a month during the school year.
  14. Go fly fishing several times, enough to gain some confidence.
  15. Fish at least once with my very competent brother without humiliating myself.
  16. In that same vein, catch (and release) a decent-sized fish!
  17. Find a wentletrap.
  18. Catch up on the tedious routine medical tests I've been putting off.
  19. Arrange overnights with my grandkids more often.  They are getting big too fast.
  20. Check out the local concerts.
  21. Make soup at least once a month.
  22. Clean out my closet.  Donate what I'm not wearing.
  23. Take a vacation with my sister.
  24. Grow garlic.
  25. Make a pair of earrings.
  26. Invite someone who isn't family into my house.
  27. Learn/do something I've never done before.
  28. Make a stuffed toy (or two) for the kids to play with when they're here. Better than scrap doll!
  29. Organize the toys and stickers that I have for the little ones so that they can find things more easily and I can clean up more quickly.
  30. Unpack the boxes in the basement.  My sister has been in her new place for less than a week and she is UNPACKED!   I've been here for over a year . . .
  31. Make a map-collage on the wall in the twin guestroom.
  32. Hem at least one pair of curtains (sigh).
  33. Put up a potting table.
  34. Get realistic about finances and either build a better budget or get a job.
  35. Hang something on the living room walls.
  36. Finish the larger guest bedroom.
  37. Try an entirely new kind of food.
  38. Go somewhere I haven't been before.
  39. Attempt to make something arty.
  40. Send my daughter a little care package every month.
  41. Bake more cookies.   Kids like cookies.
  42. Paint the kitchen.
  43. Find my Rome photos and scan them into the computer.
  44. Plant something new on the side of the garage.
  45. Put up a bird feeder.
  46. Take Dr. Cranky to the Ford Estate; do it soon and be patient and gracious about it.
  47. Create a new garden plan.    This year's garden was not a failure, but I would like next year's to be thought out more carefully.
  48. Improve my diet.   I am eating way too much sugar.
  49. Increase my exercise.   I am losing way too much muscle tone and my joints are getting creaky.
  50. Buy a car.
  51. Fantasy item (what the heck):  Buy an iPad or (more likely) iPod so that I have more portable internet.
  52. Get (or give myself) a pedicure whenever I need one.   I love having pink toes.
  53. Downsize my possessions, get rid of things I am not using.
  54. Save my $5 bills for a vacation.    I rarely carry cash, and even more rarely get a $5 bill in change, so this should be doable if I don't think too much about it.
  55. Create a rough schedule for myself.    Whether or not I find work, I need more of a schedule.   I am already up every day by 6:30, dressed by 8:00, but after that things are getting a little too loose.   I've found that making every day a "free" day leads to too many wasted hours.
  56. Visit my daughter in New Orleans or bring her here for a visit.  (see what I mean about my unrealistic budget?)
  57. Clean and organize my freezer.
  58. Look into piano lessons (see "budget")
  59. Leave the house at least six days a week (see "schedule")
  60. Find more reasons to laugh.
  61. Be grateful that I am too old to die young.    Be grateful.   


    Anonymous said...

    I see a lot of things on your list that I could also list on mine - if I get brave enough.
    Having a bird feeder (now we have 4) is one of the best things I did for myself. Now my husband also helps fill them and take pictures.
    Downsizing is my hobby.
    Hang something on the living room walls...or all the walls in my house. They're pretty empty even though we moved in 5 years ago.
    I also love maps! on the wall!
    Hey, can I just steal your list?

    gpc said...

    Sure, Debbie, but I suspect your list would be more interesting! I live a very isolated life and so I wondered if I would be able to come up with so many things. It was slow going at first, but - to my surprise - I think I could have made the list a lot longer. So many promises I've been waiting to make to myself, lol! If I were part of a couple I suspect I could have had tons more, because (even after most of my life as a single) there are still many things I am too cowardly to do alone.

    Anonymous said...

    I made a list similar to this one when we first moved to Indiana. It included a lot of goals and dails "must-dos". I was not working (by choice) and had funds then to actually do things.
    I remember posting it to one of my previous blogs (they metamorphosize every few years) and someone mentioned how long the list was. As I looked again, I realized just how hard I was trying to line up my life to my inner "shoulds".
    So now my lists are more like yours - but only the fun things I want to do before I can't do them. Don't forget to priortize your list so you do the "funnest" ones first. Give yourself permission to have fun - as they say. It's not that easy sometimes.

    spindelmaker said...

    Oh, you have so many goodies here! I really like the one about saving the 5$ bills. And the find more reasons to laugh. Laughing is good!
    Have a great weekend!