Saturday, October 16, 2010


My grandchildren spent the night last night.     I should have taken more photos but, by the time the house was quiet, I was too tired to remember!   We played our usual "bad guy" games (in which I am always Bad), we made pizza, we watched Care Bears and Sid the Science Kid, made pumpkin face decorations -- in other words, we did a lot of noise and nothing, and the time went by so fast that it was time for sleeping bags and glow sticks before we knew it.
 And if bedtime came fast morning came even quicker!     Brushing teeth and breakfast were not the favorite things on the to-do list, but decorating sugar cookies was a big hit.   
 And, naturally, more Bad Guy games, where I tried to catch and eat the Good Guys and they used a pretend laser that takes away my appetite.  When the kids went home the house seemed more quiet than usual, with nothing but a few sugar sprinkles left behind.

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